Dtube Studio, New Merch, T-Shirt Giveaway, and Will Be Back in Thailand!

in onelovedtube •  4 months ago

Hey DTube It's Your Beloved Blockchain Wolf Cartel

This an important update about:

  • DTube Studio is releasing soon!
  • New Cartel T-Shirts
  • I will be going back to Thailand soon!

▶️ DTube
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This is great that u started selling shirt while now while the site is growing greeat vid


I know it’s too early to sell a shirt but I have to set the tone for how big I want my audience to grow. At the same time I feel blessed to have you check out my channel, big things coming for both of us.🙏


Aye that's good that u are thinking ahead for the future like I always say we are the whales in the making