DTube Tip: The Equipment Doesn't Matter, Just Film!

in onelovedtube •  4 months ago

Hey DTube It's Your Blockchain Wolf Cartel

Whatever equipment you have, just film! People care too much about the equipment they have available. Don't miss the moment, capture it!

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Yeah absolutely .

Great video and you are right that is it amazing that a corporation would show so much interest it just shows the impact in the importance of the temple


Thank you for your kind words, what's great is that in the future DTube will be funding things like this indirectly.

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Ohhhh! You're in Thailand! How long will you be there?? Let me know if you're down to meet or something. I will be back in Thailand in like a month or something..


I'll be there in a month too lol. A collab video would be good if you're still funny :P

Btw I'm buying a gimbal today months after you recommended it (I procrastinate lol)


I already forgot I recommended you to do so haaaa