Garden Update Dtube Vlog

in onelovedtube •  11 months ago 

Just wanted to show y'all an update on my "garden" Haha.


As always,

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Looks pretty good the one that survived hehe...There's always a chance to do better next time. You & My Mum would get a long very well, she loves to plant things all round our compound lol
Loved it xo :)

Haha! Yeah, well a lot did grow but I sure learned a lot too for next year. Yeah! I bet I could learn a lot of tricks from her as well. You should have her share her experience on steemit.

Hahah! Funny. Wouldn't that be quite something. I'll try persuade her. Keep it up, nothing like fresh veggies from your own garden, from your own sweat/labor. Great Feeling.

Great that you're growing your own food and can provide meals from your own garden. Roll on next year for hopefully a flourishing crop.

Yeah, I did get a decent amount this summer but now its pretty much over. Ready to go for next year!

haha thats what we all say :p


nice garden update!

haha, hows your garden doing?

Some of it is beat up, but that happens every year because of the heat. Finally it is getting a little cooler. the high is only 102 today. LOL


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O how I'd to start vlgging to shy though

Just gotta give it a go!