OneDrive, big news announced: an even safer area, and new 2TB option

in onedrive •  5 months ago 

OneDrive Personal Vault was announced by Microsoft, a fresh feature on the proprietary cloud storage service that enables customers to safeguard files with an extra safety layer. Specifically, the new feature generates a protected zone where access is guaranteed after passing a company-deemed release scheme, such as two-factor or other authentication.

Access to Personal Vault files is only granted after entering a PIN or identifying yourself through a fingerprint sensor, face recognition, or a disposable code sent to the linked email address or phone number account. Of course, the chance of logging in on the smartphone via the Microsoft Authenticator app is not lacking. Additionally, on all endorsed OneDrive variants, Personal Vault operates on PC, Android, iOS, and the web client.

Not only does Microsoft allow you to save files in the "private safe," it also provides the option of scanning documents or taking photos and recording videos by storing them directly in the cloud room, in order to give even greater safety. They are automatically synchronized locally in an region encrypted with Bitlocker when files are saved in Personal Vault on Windows 10 PCs. OneDrive also utilizes encryption security for all cloud-saved files and transfer activities.

Personal Vault blocks all access after a period of inactivity on a specific file and needs a fresh authentication for a fresh replication or alteration. Unfortunately, in Italy, Personal Vault is not yet accessible, but by the end of the year should reach all consumers who use OneDrive. The function is currently only spread in some nations around the globe, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The firm also announced a fresh feature concerning the current storage plans, adding a fresh 2 TB option for those with a large cloud space requirement.

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