Abstract Poppies

I didn't start out to paint poppies, it started as one of my early attempts at pouring, but when it was done, I liked half of it and not the other half, so I adlibbed on the half I didn't like. :)


I poured a few little pools of assorted paint in layers and then blew them quickly with a straw, which caused them to spread and mix.... and splatter a little. I love splatters.


Then I dripped a small drop or two of coordinated colors into the centers and Vwa-LA ! Poppies !.... or that is what I thought they looked like in the end. It made a nice warm color pop.


I also like taking some photos while the paint is still wet. I like them when they are all new and shiny.

wet paint.jpg

There you go ! Hope it made your brain happy. ha ha Bright bold colors always do that to mine.

Love you !



I thought I posted this through the OnChainArt community, but I must have made a mistake, because it doesn't show there. I was so sure I was posting there ! Ah well !

I figured out how to cross post. That was easy. :) Now it is there too

This is really beautiful, I've always wanted to try spltter art it looks like a lot of fun!

Thank you !

It is fun.... and very messy. :)

I like it. Reminds me of lilies floating on the water.

Not that you say it, I can see that too, with the motion of the poured part around them. :)

Howdy jacey.boldart! I love those bright colors and also the wet look, super cool..I'd buy them!

a lovely resulting. very original look at one of my fave flowers! upvoted. (sadly you dont used #creativecoin tag on this, I can suggest a solid curation with my CCC-stake). all the best!