The Difference Owning Steem Power Can Make For Content Creators

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This morning I was listening to the radio in the car. In that show, the hosts discuss things in the middle of playing songs and one topic they discussed today was the large number of social media influencers wanting to quit. In a recent survey in Finland, a third of the top social media content creators active on Instagram and YouTube were considering calling it quits. The reasons quoted were the high level of stress resulting from always having a high workload and the pressure to perform to maintain the interest of the audience. The hosts thought being required to appear authentic while needing to avoid mistakes, any of which might cause an avalanche of negative feedback and a loss of one's audience, advertisers and one's livelihood was hard to deal with.

Steem is different in the sense that accumulating Steem Power can gradually make a content creator a curator and an owner allowing one to increasingly rely on passive income. The system actively encourages that by paying at least 50% of content rewards in Steem Power. Powering down takes some time and requires initiating every 13 weeks. Being a content creator is not easy. Compared to Steem it must be even more difficult on mainstream platforms because there is no mechanism for community driven monetization in place and because changes centrally controlled algorithmic curation can result in a loss of visibility instantly. There are no inconsistently applied "community standards" that may result in instant destruction of an account on Steem.

With the introduction of EIP on Steem, interest in finding new high-value content has emerged among stakeholders. Even bid bots, when they're sitting idle, have begun to curate organically to generate rewards to be distributed to their delegators. This would be the right time to introduce Steem to struggling content creators on mainstream platforms. I've actually been doing just that from time to time on YouTube without much success. I'd be grateful if someone who has had success at this could share some tips or give pointers to resources.

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I've not really felt confident enough in the platform lately (pre-fork) to really try to convince people to come here. But hopefully things will change a bit now that votebuying (hopefully) is going down. But back in the days I have introduced it to people and it is rather hard. People are strangely suspicious of new things that are not mainstream. I moved my whole reluctant family to the free federated network of Diaspora six years ago and it was a drag! Now they love to have a secure, private family social network, but back then...!

Most interesting! I've heard of the Diaspora network.

Part of what made people suspicious of Steem has been the money. They all ask "where the money comes from". That is incredibly ironic because most people don't realize that commercial banks are licensed money factories where new money is literally made each time a loan is issued (and destroyed when a loan is paid back). Depending how broad a definition of money is used, financial services companies also create money when they release financial instruments and sell them to their customers.

I have not been able to onboard anyone, yet. Despite the current slump in price, Steem is still hands down the best place for the average content creator if they want any compensation for their creations. What saddens me is that despite many saying that they do not want compensation, their content has value whether they realize it or not. If the beneficiary is not them, then it is some giant corporation owned and controlled by a small number of billionaires and hedge funds. By being active on mainstream social media platforms, you're actively supporting dystopian outcomes.

The whole crypto explanation sometimes makes people mad. They won't hear that fiat is not a rock we can moor our little boats to. But Diaspora is a free (also in the no money sense) place run by idealists. Many in my family was still sceptic and blasé about it. I had the help of my daughter and my brother. We made a musketeers oath to provide content, and slowly they all accepted that undeground networks can be as good as thieving Facebook :)

I have brought 4 people to the platform (that actually have used it).

Well done.

I was surprised to receive an upvote this week a by a bid bot account.

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