Steem Ninja - New Website - Be Rewarded for Sign Ups

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We aim to see @Steem.Ninja as one of the top service providers on STEEM Blockchain. Slowly improving and finding different ways to help you guys spread the word & get more options to earn. Stay tuned!

New Website Layout is ready and live with the new web layout. All tools in one place:


Media Kit

A media kit has been released which can be used to promote your personalized referral link. Like this:

Markdown Code to create clickable images:

<center><a href=''><img src=''></a></center>

Replace "yourusername" with your username. ;) Ninja Style. Download all the images and use them to spread the word.

Monthly Mega Bonus For Top Referrers

Every month the top grossing referrers will receive a HUGE bonus from Steem Ninja and our parent company Oracle-D. Be creative and come up with clever ways to increase your earnings to get to the top of the charts. Refer and start earning today:


Steem.Ninja in a Nutshell

Steem ninja provides the following services as a complete turnkey package:

  • Easily purchase instant Steem accounts for $2.50 (minimum) with card payment
  • Each account automatically delegates 15 Steem Power to each new user for 90 days.
  • Easy purchase of 90day Steem Power delegations in varying amounts with card payment
  • Instant purchase of Steem using USD credit card payments (coming soon!)
  • Referral program (anyone can earn money for selling Steem accounts)
  • Account recovery in case your accounts get hacked
  • API for easy implementation into any dapp / front end
  • Easily sell Steem Power Delegations and earn percentage

If you are interested in integrating Steem.Ninja into your website/app/dapp or project please contact [email protected] or join our Discord:

Please check out the
Introductory Steem.Ninja post for more information!

If you like what we do please vote for us as a witness:

For any issues or queries please contact us on: [email protected]

STEEM NINJA is powered by @Oracle-D.


What an amazing way to bring people into the steem blockchain. Getting paid for referring people would definitely make for more growth in the steem blockchain. Thumbs up guys.

Hey @camzy @ememovic @smithmadu @pearlumie @illuminatus, you can now earn by referring people

hi sir pls explane me clearly..

This service is one of the best on the steem blockchain.

  • Problem of creating an account has been solved
  • You can now get delegation at ease
  • You can even earn by referring people.

I am sure this is just the beginning from the Oracle-D team, keep it coming @starkerz and others

I will really appreciate the ability to buy STEEM directly with a credit card, I believe that will be a first! Congrats!

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A very simple to use interface. This is a great achievement ninjas! 🙌

Steem made easy with steem Ninja! Keep up the good works people. Resteemed!

Wow.. did the high movement. It will bring a lot of people in steem blockchain ecosystem who did not want to waste their time for waiting too long to get the steem account.

It is good for onboarding people to steem ecosystem through But why only credit card? I can understand through credit card you can represent a true person and identity to this ecosystem. But you must understand that for every country mostly Asian countries it is not that easy for everyone to have a credit card and make an international transaction. You can do the same through Skrill or Neteller and they are also quite close to the standard verification of an individual as not a single person can hold two ids of neteller or skrill and by allowing skrill or neteller you can onboard more people. I am saying this to you what people said to me when I talked about to them. I hope you understand this. Thank you.


we plan to add more payment methods soon! Stay tuned.

About 130.2$ has been spent to promote this content.

One thing that steemninja is doing that caught my attention is that after the onboarding of the new account, they will give you delegated sp that will run for 90days. This has shown that they heart their customer

I translated this article into Japanese. Arranged a little.

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Wow! I'm very interested about the option to buy STEEM with credit card. When is this on your roadmap?

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A few weeks away hopefully

Excellent, another herculean task achieved.

That's great efforts by you for steemit community. Good work.

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Great opportunity for all steem community thanks for sharing.

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Ilove this amazing development by @Oracle-d. I have been perusing the blog over a few days to see how I can support the project especially with promotion as well as with STEEM transactions with Debit card. This is a great innovation.

I am very hopeful for instant purchase of Steem with USD credit card payments, as it would ease #steem investment.
I'll checkout the site ASAP

Such an amazing service provider on Steem blockchain I really love to use this simple user friendly interface. Thanks for this opportunity to reffer friends to create steemit account.

Thanks again

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Great opportunity for the community

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Steam ninja - new website - rewarding for signing up, I like this website, & thank you for making this nice post

Excellent article, I would like to follow your advice, thanks for all. @ronald1985

Getting paid for referring people would definitely make for more growth in the steem blockchain.
Sign up gayes

you think so..

What is the maximum allowed on for charging per account? I've checked your site out. I realize everyone got mad at Jerry for charging $50 per account, but I want to use your referral program to charge not just for an account but also for the business service I'll provide.

This is exactly what we intend this service to be for. Maybe we can work with you to build the service into the link in some way. Max price at the moment is 10 usd in order to prevent a Jerry situation. But so far we have seen no abuse

hi sir pls explane me clearly.

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This is an opportunity for the community to grow. Thanks:))

amazing i need to integrate this into my website

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