Omisego (OMG/BTC) Analysis

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On BitcoinLive; daily Crypto updates are made available while also, on demand analysis requests are fast filled. Join us as we have now opened up monthly and quarterly subscriptions. Use this link: Below is an excerpt of a recent Bitcoin (BTC) cycle analysis.

This was posted a few days ago from a BitcoinLive subscriber request. Omisego (OMG/BTC) is patterning out a symmetrical triangle that could extend into October or so. However, that is assuming that there is no D wave breakout at around mid to late August.

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First of all I'd like to sincerly thank you for "repairing" my account I haven't been comming here too often lately so only just noticed this pleasant suprise a couple of days ago and was a bit tied up with work to have time to write this earlier.
Second it realy made my day when I saw lyndsey complaining about being downvoted by you she was happy enough downvoting and trying to bully others with sanders so even though in general im against censoring people via downvotes having been subjected to that kind of behaviour myself in this case it was realy deserved it just shows what hypocrites some people are trying to condemn the same actions they perform once they are aimed at them.
All the best. You are on my voting list forever.


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Thanks you for providing wonderful content that will us to update ourself for ongoing crypto analysis and daily event update.

Your updates are worth spending time on. Above all I have OMG in my kitty too. Hope it booms soon.

@ haejin.No financial or investment advice of any kind should be considered. You should consult with a financial or investment professional to determine what is best for your individual needs. I would like to know more about it @ haejin

Have a look into Lisk. Could be a sleeper. They have failed to hit deadlines but have recently released some major upgrades to their network. Isolated Main-chain, future DEX and token economy, Side-chains via Delegated Proof of Stake to address scalability - Highly interesting. Would love to see your perspective. Psy will leave you with. M'eye mind drifts into photoshop sometimes...

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