Dear old self i miss you !! But i woudnt trade my life now in any amount of sbd

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Hi fellow steemians i woke up early today and i do surf my gallery on my phone and i saw this old picture of me , this photos was taken when im still single and i must say i miss my old me .. dont get me wrong i am very much happy with who i am today and i woudnt trade it on anything in this world. i am a mom being a mother was the most greatest gift god could ever give to a woman like me and i woudnt trade it in anything in this world. I also love my hubby so much without him i woudnt feel complete finding someone who really loves you for who and what you are was really a blessing. Its just maybe im still a bit sleepy and sentimental blame it to the hormones lol :) FB_IMG_1518297848718.jpg


Being young, bold, free, energized, and adventuruos was really great thinking only of yourself , going to parties and bonding with friends things that you would solemnly do once you become a family man/woman when you have your own family things would change a lot. The late nights parties would become late nights taking care of your baby/ies once you become a wife and a mom bonding with friends would become bonding with dishes clothes to laundry food to cook. bonding with all the house chores. and being a dad means working 24/7 basketball would not be your ball anymore :) but believe me even though it was tiring you will much more feel that you have a sense in this world having your own family. Giving them all of you. When you have your own family the most fullfiling bond you could ever feel was bonding with your child/ren bonding with your family.

So dear self i do miss you but i am much more happy for who i am today. I am much more complete. and let me thank you for without you your good decisions i woudnt have my life now. FB_IMG_1518297828848.jpg

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And i would also like to say thank you to @bobiecayao for mentoring me and also to @wallye for all of his help and to @michaelcabiles for all his effort to #thaisteemgroup
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good hearts never're still beautiful inside and out😊

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

being a mom means no more night life :) just night duties on our babies but still it was the most amazing thing to do to nurse our loveones

Yes my dear friend .. hoping thatnwe can bond so soon miss u

A real beauty of a woman wont measured on the size of her waist and boobs .. it would be measured by the size of her heart ..

Upvoted. Keep steeming. ☺️

Wow thank you very much followed you sir .. im looking forward to your next and new post

Nice post, @mommabutterfly! I upvoted this one. You're right, whatever we have now has been a result of constant life-improving challenges and it's not worth trading for any treasure.

Wow thank you so much sir , ive upvoted your work too. Followed you also. Again thank you