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The price of SBD, still maintains a static price that hardly drops during the course of the week, as of last week increase in the price of SBD and STEEM. Which has motivated our customers to make dispose of their SBD and STEEM in the exchange. We want to thank our members for the support and the group admins for their effort to see that the exchange become a success. We also want to use this medium to encourage our members to feel free to chat up any of the admins in case they have any problem about steemit or they want to share any valuable information that will enhances the further development of the exchange.
Here is the total summary for the week:-
Screenshot (64).png
Total SBD Exchanged in the week 18 2018 is 576.484
Total STEEM Exchanged in the week 18 2018 is 172.606
Total refund of SBD in week 18 2018 is 0
Total refund of steem in week 18 2018 is 0
We do advice members to follow every rules that is been stipulated by the group admins so as to avoid been sanctioned.
For questions/ suggestion pls feel free to meet any of the admin. We are always on sit to attend to your questions.
Have a nice stay here,
From the group admin desk
phone number : 08024565909
Telegram handle: @lamex13
Phone number: 08088315423
Telegram handle: @lanceblue
Phone number:08156165413
Telegram handle:
Dealing with anyone apart from this is risky. Also we advise everyone to move to our telegram group. Is safer to deal on our telegram than on whatsapp. Link to our telegram group is @Olamaxexchanger


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That's not the link to your telegram.
Rather it redirects to your steemit blog.

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