My Review of Olamax New Exchange Website

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The Challenges of exchanging crypto to fiat has been one of the major challenges of most steemians, even with the availability of international exchanges,that allows people exchange to USD,GBP and other international currencies, there still exists some form of hurdles with the conversion, not just to ETH, BTC or Other forms of cryprocurrencies.

When i joined Steemit, that was one of my challenges, i couldn't convert my STEEM to Naira for a long time, that went on until i was introduced to Olamax Exchange , the Nigerian Exchange converting crypto to fiat seamlessly, at first i taught it was a joke, but since after my first transaction on the whatsapp group, i have since then come to do as many transactions as i need with them, the trust and bond has grown overtime,

When i heard that Olamax Exchange Website was up, i quickly rushed to go check out the interface, and it was wow.


The simplicity of the design and exquisiteness of the website is top-notch, everything information you need to know about the transactions you want to make is displayed right in front of you and for every correction or change, the result is displayed almost immediately.


i was trying to convert 21 STEEM To naira for some of my friends, and as i typed in 21 under the "STEEM" Box, the equivalent amount was displayed immediately in Naira, with a Real-time Conversion rate and an added transaction bonus amount! Sweet!

Account Details:

Then i was prompted to insert my account details which i did and went ahead to the next procedure.

Transaction Confirmation and Processing:

i was taken to another page where i had to confirm my transaction and move over to steemconnect to process and make payments:

Payment Through SteemConnect:

When i found out that SteemConnect API was used to facilitate transactions, i was deeply joyous because i know it is going to foster trust on the platform. so i made my paymets using SteemConnect API:

Quick Transaction Equals Happy Customer, And Another Customer...

Immediately, i was redirected back to Olamax Exchange Website, where i confirmed my transactions and awaited to receive payments, and in less than 3 minutes, i received the bank alert for successful transaction, Thanks to Olamax Exchange Website.

P.S : You can join Olamax Exchange Website whatsApp group Here

Use the website and share your thoughts below.

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Nice we need more gateways Steem is growing day by day :)

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my guy you can write for Africa..
How much de pay you for this post... 😂
Congratulations to OLAMAX

You did great bro.. With this, I can navigate the system easily.. Good job


Thank You Sir... we Love OLAMAX!


I was sceptical using the whatsapp exchange when I first entered steemit. Maybe now that it's a website, I'd not have trust issues. Thank you!

The exchange has been really amazing and it gives customers their desired results.


Olamax really helped my life ooo, i just cant forget oo

I already want to try out Olamax Exchange Website.. Well detailed.


Thank you, I assure you, you'll be glad you did, I've done transaction with them for over a year now since I joined steemit.

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Its so easy to

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very very easy oo

Dear @iamchijamz

I never had a chance to tell you simple: THX for resteeming my latest publication. I would like you to know that it always mean a lot to me to receive support from you and others.



Thanks Pete,
You've always been there for me.

I really appreciate

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Thank you very much for the detailed explanation about olamax exchange.

How long does it take to complete a transaction?


5 minutes... i think, when i made my transactions with them tho


5 minutes Max

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this is a very nice platform, thanks for this


✌, we rock laidat

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okay, so i havent told you this, but the way you write amazes me, really...


Awwwnnnn,😍😍😍😍 thanks dear

I Think the site is simpler than what it carries tho..


Yes oo, Olamax has the best programmers in their team.

Olamax, My saviour Dah year!

wow, this is so so cooolllll!

Olamax is damn good, i remember when he saved me while i was on a date and i lost my wallet... it was really an experience sha


Olamax to the rescue ✌

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We at Celebrity Gist Support OLAMAX EXCHANGE, 100%


BOSS, thanks for this.


Oyim, you're welcome

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wait oo, do they buy other altcoins, i got some avinoc to sale ooo

Chi nwannem, e don tey ooo

finally, a Nigerian Exchange... great one...

so i can exchange mine now, right?


Of course, I can even show you how if you want

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great one, keep it up sir!

wow, this is what i was asking you about na, show me how to withdraw.

this is good, so good.

this is good.

the boss have spoken, i concur

This is cool..

great ideology, nice exchange shaa, where is my ETH?


you no go enter him DM now abi?

And my SIN2 Polo...


Ah, calm down now.

This if for Olamax✌

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olamax, my guys...

okay, time to convert some coins.

Awesome piece

can i use them to withdraw steem now?

can i BTC from the website.

information received.

The process is apparently very simple and safe.
I was very interested in this article.
Thanks for sharing.


Wow, thanks for dropping by my great friend

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You are too much. Let me move around

This is so concise and simple. I'd sure make my transaction today. Good job

Olamax is always a Trusted Exchanger and this Website is a Plus to the Effectiveness in Rendering of their Services . Kudos


Thanks boss, go and exchange your steem to naira at

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The exchange has been really amazing, I will try out Olamax Exchange Website.. This is well detailed bro



Yea, he is good..

Nice one
Olamax is indeed a great platform


Yes, ooo Olamax to the Moon

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nice one. I can't wait to trade on olamax

Will need to check this out


Of course

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This is awesome bro... I so much love the way you detailed this awesome exchange company, I'm sure gonna patronize them.

This is awesome bro... I so much love the way you detailed this awesome exchange company, I'm sure gonna patronize them.

Nice one.

Wow, I remember our good days with olamax, during @backtoschool campaigns

You have always been a geek anyway, delving into stuffs that seems interesting to you. Great write up man


Thanks boss,nice of you to drop by✌

Olamax is a great exchange.

great review, thanks bro

Great exchange, I've used them for some time now

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good exchange, i like it, puts Nigeria on the international map.

Thanks for the step by step guide on how to use this new website Olamax Exchange,i think it's a welcomed development.

This is a well detailed write up I must say
Good job


Thank you sir

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Olamax exchange is good and easy to use, I have been using them on WhatsApp and this website is an innovation

My first official crypto exchange was with olamax, so swift! Super cool... I still love their services

This is very well explained, i am definitely going to start using olamax exchange

Olamax My Darling now has a website, am so impressed ooo

Concise and factual... I've not used olamax before... But now, I think I will try this platform

Nice one... This explanation says it all. With this it's easy to understand how to navigate through the website and easily buy/sell Cryptocurrencies

Very detailed. Good one bro


boss, it has been a long time ooo

Olamax is buzzing, Steem Nigeria is moving.