OlaivART Contest: Cuttlefish (Sea Creature)

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Hi folks,

Today, I'mma take a space into this great and fun contest by the fabulous @olaivart, that is always contributing to the art developing on the plataform.

OlaivArt Contest - Theme 2: Sea Creature

TITLE: Cuttlefish

Dimensions: 220 x 297 mm | Black markers, Colored pencils


One of my fav things in art, is the way to mix different styles into a composition. This time, I wanted to take a own cuttlefish design, made with a comic style and a colorful degraded of blue sea into a triangle shape. This one fits very well as a tattoo design I could do in the future.


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It's done friends!

Lindo trabajo amorcito <3
¡Te quedo muy bonito el color!


:* <3 <3