He Turned $14,502 Into $800 Million: Now The World's Biggest Crypto Hedge Fund Is Hurting

in olafcarlson •  3 months ago

We love rags to riches stories. Sadly, it is possible we love those who go back to rags just as much.

This is the situation that Olaf Carlson finds himself in. His hedge fund was one of the biggest performers turning just shy of $15,000 into close to $800M. He got into cryptocurrency before Bitcoin became a household name. The timing for an enormous return was perfect. The first 8 months of 2018 provided an equally ideal situation to ride the elevator back down.

Carlson's once golden hedge fund is now feeling the pain.

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Damn and I thought I was in pain! Oh well, hopefully this guy can turn it around.

Nice post. fully voted

This is the kind of people that end up being the big winners.... Keep with the strategy

things really just happen in just a blink of an eye.