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The global financial system is gradually improving . The revolution kicks off ever since the invention of the first global blokchain powered currency popularly known as Bitcoin . The progress has been massive and several thousands of altcoins have been developed so as to simplify the livelihood of the mankind. Year 2019 marked the inception of Decentralized Finance popularly known as DeFi in Crypo space . DeFi is a new concept entirely in crypto space and the primary goal is to simplify and decentralized investment and financial system for everyone . DeFi is definitely the future of Finance.
The System is very transparent , trustless , permission less and 100% decentralized. DeFi operates just like the existing traditional financial institution . It has wide range of financial services such as loan servicing , borrowing , lending , investment , insurance , trading and many more . The only different is that DeFi has a decentralized system of operation with the use of DApps while the traditional financial system is centralized and regulated by government . In this article, i will be discussing about Dego.Finance , a decentralized Finance (DeFi ) platform designed to restructure the global investment and financial system . DEGO aims to correct some existing loopholes in DeFi ecosystem and establish sustainability in the industry.

About Dego.Finance

DEGO intends to offer sustainability into DeFi ecosystem . There are lots of hype in the industry and this has attracted large numbers of investors , both Small scale and Large scale investors. The existing system is not sustainable enough but DEGO has developed a very brilliant strategy to usher sustainability into the system . DeFi has turned to a place of attraction for investors but the industry is quite young and needs some improvements.

How does Dego.Finance willing to make things different ?

DEGO Implements modular design which simply means combining various elements of a products to create a subsystem with some certain functions. DEGO has come up with a unique and effective sustainability mode to enhance operational efficiency within the platform. Each product are classified as module and combination of different modules brings a new products hence , achieving the effect of 1+1=2. The Lego bricks is the best example and inspiration for those models

In DeFi World , DEGO is equivalent to LEGO . Normally every DeFi protocol has a brick just like Stable Coin (DAI) , The Dex (Uniswap and Balancer), Derivatives (Oikos), Derivatives (Synthetix ). Insurance (The Nexust mutual ). DEGO is building up something very new . DEGO is developing a powerful dApp which will boost the value of DeFi ,developed a diversified investment portfolios and providing a very good profits for the users . DEGO aims towards creating a unique and beneficial decentralized financial world for everyone . Building a sustainable system that will benefit the interest of the investors and ecosystem is the primary goal of DEGO.

DEGO simply means LEGO is DeFi world which makes it oustands some existing platform in the ecosystem . DEGO conepts is quite clear and unique as it aims to become a world of art in the global blockchain system and representing equity, fairness, transparency , innovation, openness and more. The team of DEGO has received a great deal offers from Angle investors and VCs which they were unable to accept due to the structure of the ecosystem which is community governance . Apart from 1% DEGO Airdop and those sold during PreSale , all other DEGO token will be used after approval for the DEGO DAO governance .DEGO is completely a governance token which empower every member of the ecosystem to take active decision on the growth and progress of the ecosystem.. DEGO allows everyone to participate in DeFi irrespective of their location. It gives everyone equal right.
Dego.Finance will sent governance permission of each and every contract as a multi signature wallet , It will be able to make adjustment based on 3/5 th votes out of 5 community representatives on an approval . Initial rewards will be aggregated into multi-Sig wallet so as to achieve the goal of governance.

It is an equity and governance token of DEGO platform which is minted by liquidity mining . Holding DEGO empowers users to participate in the community proposals , decisions and receiving dividend endlessly . The DEGO contracts implements a fair distribution system that doesn't involve any form of private placement or preminings.

NETWORK : Ethereum
DEGO SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS : 0x88ef27e69108b2633f8e1c184cc37940a075cc02​


Total DEGO Supply : 21,000,000
Liquidity Mining : 80% 16,800,000
UniSwap Liquidity 5.25 : 1,102,500
Presale and Whitelist: 10% : 2,100,000
Airdrop : 1% 210,000

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This is a great innovation DeFI space. I have been looking forward to join the class of project. Shame, I didn't see the publication earlier.