OKGlobal Coin is a Trusted service that can minimize the risk of loss or theft.

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Problem and Solution of OKGlobal Coin & Switch
The main issues are high merchant card processing fees and long account adjustment times.

  • With the help of card payments, trillions of dollars are transferred annually from customer to provider, and fees typically range from 1 to 3% of the billed amount. Fees per transaction range from 0.05 to 0.25 cents. In many businesses, monthly profits are only a few percentage points, assuming they are making a profit. Consumers typically pay an additional fee and / or require a minimum purchase.
    Solution: OKGlobal does not charge per transaction and only charges 0.1%.

-Funds are not deposited into the provider’s account for days or days, in order to force these funds to be used for normal operating expenses.
Solution: Money is available immediately using OKGlobal coin to the merchant account.

-Traders need to rent or buy card processing equipment and have a dedicated telephone line for the machine.
Solution: OKGlobal has no minimum monthly fees, no equipment. Via the client’s free mobile application through the SWITCH platform, payments are processed instantly.

So what is MYID Coin?

MYID Coin is a project under the “Currency Project” of OkGlobal Coin SWITCH and this project was created as the world’s first token / bundle technology with a unique owner identifier. The main purpose of the MYID cryptocurrency is to minimize and ultimately eliminate the risk of loss or theft. The total supply of MYID Coin is 100 billion Ethereum (ERC20). Currently, MYID Coin is the Ethereum ERC-20 blockchain based platform but @MYIDENTITY Coin will switch to its own unique block due to the functional limitation of the ethereum blockchain.
After switching to its own single blockchain, My Identity Coin will operate in an algorithmic network with OkGlobal Coin and can be used for many other blockchain assets.

Unlike all other cryptocurrencies, OKGlobal coin holds the increasing value of the lost money. In banks and financial institutions, they lend and invest with someone else’s money, then divide that profit with a select few but in blockchain technology and OKGlobal coin SWITCH, the profit will only be paid out. Back to the participating members holding OKGlobal coin as it is theirs the money is used to make a profit.
Each project has outstanding features and so does OkGlobal Coin:

    Faster, more convenient, and negligible fees are reinvested back into OkGlobal Coin. Minimum increases in fundamental value counteract the complete collapse of the company / coin. Will save money for the seller and the consumer and at the same time have a huge benefit of increasing intrinsic value.

    Blockchain ensures accountability and transparent verification to process currency exchanges and payments while eliminating fiat currency related issues.

    Real-time updates of coin values ​​available via phone app or online.

    Manage the proper distribution and handling of coin management verified through decentralized network.
    Next we will learn about Coin Structure:
    The coin generation will quickly turn to the seller’s decision or be kept in the OKGlobal crypto account. Different currencies are commonly used however with higher conversion fees. All assets of OKGlobal group members must be in fiat money or OKGlobal. The OKGlobal Community governance focus will be open to member regulators.
    Coin creation will be instantly converted to fiat selected by the seller or kept in an OKGlobal crypto account.
    Exchanges are created to convert different currencies into fiat and vice versa. Different currencies can be used but with higher conversion fees.
    All holdings of OKGlobal community participants must be in fiat or OKGlobal money. OKGlobal Community service centers will be made available to participant’s services.

OKGlobal has the following outstanding coins:

    A compliant security currency only for accredited and qualified investors.
    OKGlobal (securities) coins, OKGUS & OKGSG are currently the tomochain TRC21 tokens with a combined supply total of 100,000,000,000. 50 billion OkGlobal Coin LLC USA (OKGUS) and 50 billion OkGlobal Coin Pte Ltd, Singapore (OKGSG). 60% tokens will be allocated to
    Investors / sponsors and the remaining 40% will go to the development team and founders. The tomochain block has been used due to its fast transaction speed and nominal fees per transfer / verification. All OkGlobal coins must migrate to its own single blockchain due to tomochain’s limited functionality and to fulfill our project mission of an independent, democratizing organization. Tomochain can be kept as a secure relay plug-in, or anything else our project deems appropriate.

  2. MY CASH (MYID):
    MYID Coin is open to everyone. MYID Coin is a utility coin for attaching identity tags to blockchain packages. Instant liquidity on Uniswap Exchange.
    STABLE CASH CONVERT: 1: 1 stable currency is supported and redeemed at various service centers or international exchanges.
    MYIDs, are utility coins used for tagging / identification
    blockchains with unique owner identifiers. The purpose of tagging blockchains with MYID coin encryption is to minimize and ultimately eliminate the risk of loss, theft or unfair confiscation.
    There is a total volume of 100 billion ethereum (erc20) MY Coin IDENTITY. The ethereum erc20 blockchain is used to generate MYID Coins for easy access to various trading and funding platforms. MY IDENTITY Coins will switch to its own single block due to the functional limitations of the ethereum blockchain.

    1: 1 stable currency is supported and redeemed at different service centers or international exchanges. SWCH is currently a trc21 token on the blockchain with tomo total volume of 100 billion coins. SWITCH stablecoins are targeted to merchants and consumers who want to avoid any fluctuations in price. Each SWITCH stable coin is 100% backed
    SWITCH reserves stable coins to ensure 1: 1 transfer to fiat currency minus blockchain and platform fees when applicable. As OkGlobal Coins mature and fluctuate with price
    OkGlobal Coins become a growing concern, we foresee a decline and could eventually complete the phasing out of the stable coin SWITCH.
    Each project will bring a different mission and solution to the users and OKGlobal brings it to the users of their platform as well.
    Minimum Increase Base Value From Service Platform Return Return / Payment / Finance / Investment In the Case of a Company / Coin Collapse.

  4. Improving and Accelerating Money Transfer and Lowering Transaction Costs to a Minor Benefit All Participants.

  5. Maintain Or Increase Yearly Purchasing Power By Increasing Faster Or Minimal To Keep Inflation Keeping.

Today in the crypto industry where so many platforms have launched with great benefits and features providing great user experiences, OKGlobal is just one such project.

For more information please visit links below:
Website: https://okglobalcoinsg.com
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5299156.0
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MyIdentityCoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyIdentityCoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/My-Identity-Coin-105559404747595/
Telegram: https://t.me/myidentitycoin
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/78qsbwV
Join Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5300339.0

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