The Most Addictive Discord Channel Yet!

in okcash •  2 years ago  (edited)

Lol i just came across this OK discord channel as recommended by @jznsamuel, and it's freaking hilarious!

You can actually earn free OKCash tokens here. Just be active and occasionally you get free money. The money comes from other generous users, so it's like a gift economy inside that Discord channel.

There are lots of people in there so do join the fun!

There are fun bot games for everyone! XD

Join here:

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I do not find this channel on discord. Where is it exactly? Is it among the text channels?

what do you mean? Just use the link.

Hahahaha yes that is so true. That discord is so addicting!


Is it a game channel? If yes, then might not be for me... lol You enjoy though...

It's a chatting area like

OIC.. do you chat in often?

Nope :)

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very good!

Great Article. Well done