People Swear OJ is Guilty But Ignore White Cops Who Get Away With Murder

in ojsimpson •  2 years ago

First off ...

A video from the Young Turks; showing proof that white people, with GUNS do not get killed by the police.

BUT ....... as we know; black men who are often unarmed are killed on camera. Usually, people with agendas who dislike blacks in this nation find a way to blame the black person for their own demise. They ignore the white cops who murder these citizens and go on with their lives.

Yet, OJ was also found 'not guilty of murder', but has never been allowed to enjoy his Freedom.

Anyone with a brain can understand why that is. It's just a sad situation that in 2017, so many human beings are still this unevolved. This is why we cannot create a better world - and possibly never will; regardless of what happens to money. The Banks and how they control our money, has nothing to do with how we treat one another.

So long as racism continues to keep humanity divided; eventually it will be our downfall.

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TheBlackChannel Black Authority tweeted @ 20 Jul 2017 - 23:45 UTC

The SAME whites who DEMAND Black people should FORGIVE policed for killing Black people are NOT demanding the Goldmans forgive OJ

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Well said, but unfortunately those words will fall on deaf ears. It is the inconvenience of truth that prevails to keep all discrimination alive.