Contest 500$ Dollar.

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It is a direct referral competition.

There are two types of referrals, direct referral or rental. You can make referrals directly from your friend circle or from various social networks like Facebook, twitter, workout etc. That means direct referrals are particularly collected by you own. For rented referrals, you have to pay for each. You can pay from your own pocket as an investment through various money transferring sites like alert pay payza, paypal etc. or from earnings of your direct referrals. Sometimes rented referrals are may be inactive and you have to recycle them by paying a small amount.

When you reach minimum cashout amount on your account, you can withdraw this amount through various money transferring sites which are mentioned earlier. A charge of payment will be deducted from the payee amount. A verifying process may run in some cases. After all those things you will get paid.

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