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First of all, let me say that this is not one of those over-hyped strategies that promise you to make $160 a day or more with Ojooo. I mean, it’s not impossible but it definitely depends on the number of direct referrals that you acquire over time. You will learn about that later. But for starters I can say that earning $30 to $50 a day ($900 – $1,500 a month) with Ojooo is possible. And that’s not bad at all!

What or who is Ojooo?

Ojooo is a real registered company, located in Hamburg, Germany. They have several branches of business and in 2012 they started their PTC (paid to click) service. Today Ojooo is probably the most popular PTC site. They are very reliable and have never missed a payment to their customers. Their compensation plan is among the highest in PTC business.
How can I earn money?

I said, Ojooo is a PTC site which basically means that you get paid for watching advertisements. Other people place their advertisements on the Ojooo website and you will get paid for watching those ads. But just by clicking a few ads daily you won’t earn more than a few cents. But if you apply a simple strategy you can make a lot of money with PTC sites. I’m going to show you two different strategies for Ojooo. They are simple, yet working very well. The first one shows
you how to earn without spending any money, with the second strategy you
will reach your goal of earning $30 to $50 a day way faster but it requires a small investment.

Strategy (starting with zero money) :

  1. The first thing you need to do of course is become a member of Ojooo. Please click the banner below and sign up. Being a member of Ojooo is completely free. No obligation whatsoever.

  1. Once you’ve signed up login to your account and click on “View Ads”. Make sure to click every ad you see in order to earn your first money. You need to do this every day! Many people fail because they don’t have the patience and quit after a few days or weeks. Keep clicking ads every day! This is crucial in order to build your income. You will see that it pays.

Here is a chart where you can see what you earn by clicking ads. You will start as a Standard Member and it might not seem a lot that you earn but it will add up over time. At Ojooo you have a lot of ads that you can click daily. And you will need every single penny in order to rent your first referrals and start making real money.


  1. When you reach $0.60 in your balance, you can rent your first 3 referrals (1 referral costs $0.20 for 30 days).

Here is a chart that shows you how much you earn from your referrals’ clicks:


Remember you’re still a Standard Member. Your goal is to become a Premium+ Member and rent as many referrals as possible (max. 3,000).

  1. Keep clicking all ads every day and rent as many referrals as possible. You can rent new referrals every 7 days. The maximum as a Standard Member is 100 rented referrals.
  1. Once you’ve reached the maximum of 100 rented referrals, leave your daily earnings in your balance and save them until you reach a balance of $39. I know it will take some time but remember: this is almost a passive income. All you’re investing is about 10 minutes of your daily time. And please: Do not cash out at this point! This is very important in order to reach your goal of 3,000 rented referrals as soon as possible.

  2. Now that you’ve got $39 in your balance it’s time to upgrade to PREMIUM! It costs $39 for a whole year and as you can see in the above chart your earnings from your rented referrals will increase significantly! This means that you will now earn more money than before from your 100 rented referrals. Keep clicking all available ads every day.

  1. Now rent as many referrals as you can until you have reached the maximum of 300 rented referrals as a Premium member. You can now rent new referrals every 3 days. Once you have reached the maximum of 300 rented referrals, save your daily earnings until you reach a balance of $39.

  2. Now that you have another $39 in your account, upgrade to PREMIUM+

As a Premium+ member your daily earnings will increase again (look at the above charts) and you can rent new referrals every 72 hours (3 days). Now keep renting referrals until you reach the maximum of 3,000 rented referrals. You will now earn $30 – $36 a day. That’s $900 – $1080 a month!

    You will have to renew your Premium+ membership every 30 days. So save
    $39 of your earnings to be able to renew your membership in time! If you
    don’t renew your Premium+ membership before it expires you will
    automatically fall back to your previous membership and you will lose
    all referrals above the limit of the previous membership.

  2. Rented
    referrals will expire after 30 days. You will have to rebuy
    them. Some referrals don’t click at all but Ojooo replaces them for free
    after 3 days of inactivity. You don’t have to worry about them. If you
    have referrals with a high click average (2.5 or above) turn autopay on for them. This way you will pay for them one day in advance and you will keep them for a day longer. This way you can keep the “good”
    referrals. Your goal is to keep those referrals with the
    highest possible click average. Watch your rented referrals every day. This is crucial!

…happy earnings with Ojooo :)

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