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Evolution Of Cryptocurrency:-

You Know that Crypto currency is a Virtual like everything virtual but with a Real Assets inside It. For example Bitcoin is a virtual with No even a body aor any kind oF hard Form. but Still it has Billions of Dollars and Trillions Of Dollars In Market cap.
All oF this Did not Happen in Single Day. It Took Almost A Decade To this. Still Bitcoin is not a Teenager. I am imagining it at Full Younger Form, How much Will it be. I rhi k it could be at 30 to 50 Trillion Dollars Makret Cap.
Their are Other crypto that are evolving Day by day with many features and trends etc. And Still they need a very high and higher growth to perform this.
Their are many big projects like Oja Coin, that is a full future. so it has big potential like many vug Crypto.

Oja Coin Main Defi Mission:-

Introducing the decentralized finance system to the cryptocurrency industry has birth platforms with unique service and management systems to render various crypto holders and investors. Virtually all recent projects are been built on a decentralized Finance system and this have give room to various opportunities that yield massive profits for investors.


The decentralized finance is a protocol that operates a system that is accessible and open to all it investors and users, a system that give users the opportunity to participate in the Governance of the community. The features of the decentralized finance in the blockchain technology can’t be taken for granted in the Sense that it has taken over the stressful, olden investment system and Finance system with a lot of benefits to offer investors and users. Decentralized finance is not just a the solution to the issues in the olden financial system, it is a system that is already liberating the financial system and every crypto holder and investors should participate and be part of this great move in the financial system.
However, in thе crypto industry recently there has been а constant way and protocol оf mоѕtlу Lending, staking crypto-currencies on crypto Platforms. Thіѕ is аbоut tо bе changed by a platform that has alot of unique features and services to offer investors and borrowers in the cryptocurrency industry. The platform is developed with the soul aim of providing the next digital assets Platform that wіll innovate the decentralized Finance system and ensure that the digital market space is a profit oriented and secure space for users.

OJa Coin Main Solutions To Crypto Industry:-

Oja Coin is a Crypto currency that has it's own Blockchain. It is one of the best, It's like Bitcoin with many improvements and is a younger form of crypto Currency. It has also average 45 Seconds of Transaction time that makes it one of the fastest and better Blockchain right now. And It is nailing in this category. And it is also one of the fastest and with lowest transaction fee with other Crypto right now. It costs almost cent as compared to Ethereum that costs almost 50 to 200 Dollars. And that's reasonable price for a single transaction too.


I have seen many projects that are good enough but when their prices rises, same case is with their Gas transactions fee. They are much higher and people have to get on other crypto. And that's not good too. so Oja Is going to solve many kinds of problems and that may be helpful for many many users too. It is Solving many many problems that are described below.


OJA is a high-speed, and cost-friendly blockchain. It's explicitly built to speed up transactions with almost zero transaction fees. We use a power-efficient proof-of-work algorithm hash, NIST5 which is a winning algorithm of the US National Institute.


OJA Coin utilizes an ASIC-Resistance mining algorithm that is much more power-efficient. It also creates fairness for the community as it allows everyone to participate in the mining without having to have a specialized ASIC mining computer.


NIST5 is an exhaustive set of guidelines for how organizations can prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. It is officially known as the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. There are a total of 108 security controls that provide specific security action items.

Redefine World Class leading Exchange:-

Their are hundreds of exchanges right now. And some are scam exchanges with their scam schemes to scam others. And some are good exchangs. This exchange Oja will revolutionize by many ways. And it is a decentralized with many big features like staking, investment etc. And that is very very revolutionary.
This is a good revolutionized thing because mostly exchange came for nowhere, when they continue their volume than they exit. This exchange will redefine all structures that are needed to be done.
Now FTX is exchange that is making headlines all over the folbe because it is a defi and centralized exchange and this is future of crypto revolution. So same case with this exchange and this will be full time revolution. And we all can get benefits from this by adoption aa early users and investors.


Oja Coin Roadmap:-

In 2020, They Launched their idea and other things and it got expanded too much. It was a very challenging and tricky too. It was also super hard to make make team and also convincing on this idea too. So I can say that it takes time to form such big thing and idea too.
In 2022 they have laucnched their ido with 0.10 Dollars price and it will be listed after that in Q1 2022. And many big news like marketplace, exchange, wallets and other such things nwwds to be laucnched and managed too. And it cluod be just ultra Tricky too. And so in near future more news will also be held too.



If Oja Coin Will Survive?

Oja Coin is a project that has a vision to change people loves by giving them chances, these chances are for those people who are actually gamers. And they know how to play games. Can an enthusiastic can be able to achieve his dreams where he is trying to give his precious time. Many big Investors needs to be invested In it. So I can say that it worth time noticing for a gmer. And I can basically a gmer from my childhood, so I will try this game place.

Important Links:-

1: https://t.me/ojacoin_org
2: https://twitter.com/ojacoin
3: https://dsc.gg/ojacoin
4: https://www.facebook.com/ojacoin.org

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