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Guide essential oils: use, dosage, property

Essential oils and are use. Our essential oils guide will allow you to discern their protective and therapeutic properties. An undeniable useful tool for everyone who presents the principles of aromatherapy and a series of recipes to prepare oneself. You will quickly find the right remedy to alleviate your small problems and pains.

What is an essential oil

An essential oil is the result of the distillation of an aromatic plant, floral water or Hydro soil and the product of a distillation. The virtue of an essential oil generates its effectiveness . Promote strictly selected essential oils from wild or organic plants.

What is aromatherapy

The aromatherapy is the power to heal by the aromas, essential oils. It is also and above all a preventive medicine, a maintenance of the physical and mental balance. The proper use of aromatic essential oils helps to heal and stay in good shape. Known for a long time, it has become fashionable.

Property of essential oils

Main asset and property of essential oils : they are all antiseptic, detoxifying as to, revitalizing and elective. In addition, it has each specific properties. The blends of the essential oils increase the benefits compared to a given indication.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are now fashionable with, the appearance on the market of wide range of aromatic products, essence or essential oils. I remind you that the quality of an essential oil must be noted on its label with its Latin name, its origin, the name of the laboratory or the distiller. The essential oils from organic cultivation will only be used for external and internal treatments (they are usually sold in pharmacies or stores of food supplements or by correspondence). The duration of treatment and precaution are to be scrupulously respected.

  • It is useless, even dangerous to exceed the indicated doses or prolong the courses.
  • In overdose, these properties can sometimes give opposite results to what is expected or caused trouble.

It is best to use an essential oil alone sooner than inventing a mixture that might seem more appropriate. You can not play chemists with aromatic essential oils without a good knowledge base.

How to benefit from the properties of essential oils?

There are different ways to benefit from the properties of essentials:

  • breathe with a diffuser
  • by massages
  • preparation of an aromatic cocktail or add a few drops of the cooking
  • by inhalation, fumigation, bath ...

We can cite some examples of diseases treated with essential oils : acne, allergy, angina, hair treatment, conjunctivitis, frostbite, fatigue, hematoma.

How to use essential oil

  • Use an aroma diffuser for essential oils

An essential oil aroma diffuser to connect on average half an hour morning and evening. Some diffuser is connected day and night and it consumes an average of 1 to 2 ml of essential oil per day.

  • Prepare a bath with essential oil

A mixture of five to 10 drops of essential oil must be prepared and mixed with milk powder, an egg, seaweed, a neutral foaming base, a mild shampoo or germ oil. of wheat. All essential oils must be diluted for the bath. Only lavender essential oil can be used undiluted, about 10 drops.

Namely: no bath with essential oils for children under three years.

  • Use essential oils in the kitchen

In general for a raw dish for four people will put 1 drop of essential oil and 4 drops if this preparation must cook. You can also prepare 1 liter of flavored olive oil with 100 drops of basil essential oil , coriander or tarragon.


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