@inahthewarrior, I have to say such a great name to use. She obviously has a warrior spirit to keep fighting something she doesn't understand. I know as a mom all you want to do is take her pain away and to see her smiling, laughing and playing. Your strength and love will see her through this. Hopefully in time things will ease up or some form a treatment is discovered. Hopefully she's home by now and life is a little easier.

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Hope she gets better soon :)

Thank you saedbeady, please pray for us :)

Heal well and soonest Lil Warrior

Thank you sister.

Sending Inah so much love, and to you as well Mama.

Thinking of you guys ❤

Thanks kitchenfairy,means a lot for Inah and me. Bless you

Please do Josie,we wil be very much happy if you can include us on your prayers. :)

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I really hope it will help and you all will be home soon.
It is good to see she has a caring family.
I feel your pain and you have a good reason to cry.
Blessings to all of you ☘💕

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I wish you all the best. May your daughter live a long, healthy and happy life!

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