A Decade in EY

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I couldn't be more thankful to God for reaching a milestone of my professional life.


March 4, 2018 marks a decade working in the same company.

There could have been better opportunities somewhere else but staying in the same employer is a sure sign that I have been blessed for the whole stay. In the insight of abruptly deciding to take chances abroad and for all the huddles I've been through in finding a job, the moment Etihad called me for an exam and eventually an interview was a definite hit.

Never did I thought of being a ground stewardess for a start as I have applied for an Inflight Cashier, the closest vacancy when I started my online application.

The experience and knowledge that I gained for the first three years were exceptional until I prayed to get a better work timings in the fear of falling sick if my work conditions will not change.

The company gives opportunities for hopefuls to get back into their passion. Being a graduate of commerce with Accountancy major, I tried to find my way out of the busy airport worklife and looked for an 8-5 work. I've been to two other departments before ending up on my current one.


A decade of anecdotes might cause a lot of pain in sharing in one sitting, I was blessed enough to be part of this diverse company. FB_IMG_1520104225079.jpgEach of my colleagues might have different stories, both good and bad to share, and I sure do too, but I'd conclude that I am still here for a good reason until before I would decide to leave or might have to leave.

I could have flown the world in 10 years but I never did. I might have the fewest travel amongst my contemporaries but it was a personal choice. I am happy to travel to Manila and to Brazil for each year and never regret passing my chances on other routes.

Today I reminisce the struggles and the victories of living far from loved ones…
today I reminisce being blessed by people who made work bearable…
I reminisce the people I laughed out loud with and the people I cried with because of work stress… FB_IMG_1520104314320.jpg

For all of these and more, I thank God for the past ten years… and one additional yearly ticket for self and hubby.

Whereto? Neither do I know.



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Hello po pd pa share nung link nito aa comment box sa ofw story contest so its easy to see☺️ Thank you!

Nice story po mam 😃
Tyaga lang po talaga at importante po talaga good relationship sa mga colleague natin.

Salute to you mam!

Thanks po ma'am ☺

wow.... happy decade day po sayo...:)

Thanks Kuya :)

Wow congratulations!!! Hard work always pays off.

Yes I believe so! Btw I just got out of the office now--- life :)

Yes I believe so! Btw I just got out of the office now--- life :)

Congratulations po sa inyo.😊


Wow, Congratulations!!! God bless you always!! Additional 10 more yearssss pa!! 👌👌👌

Yes! As long as my work pa, go lang :)

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Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 13.18% vote... I was summoned by @plumandrain! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

So inspiring po Ate. Congratulations po for your 10 year service. Can't wait to go to Brazil soon too.