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If you have followed @feelx for a while you know he likes to walk, and to share what it was like, with us, afterwards. Beautiful pictures of things that caught his eye while walking.

Today I had to get away from my computer to drive a relative to a meeting. This meeting was held in a village I only know from the road signs. We have literally driven by this village hundreds of times, on our way to a vacation home near the beach. Never visited it though.

The meeting would last for an hour, I was just the driver, so what could I do while waiting? Exactly, go for a walk. This time I came prepared, didn't bring my DSLR camera, but the compact one. Still good to take different kind of pictures.

Lucky me, there was kind of a green area. It would be too much to say it was a park or a forest. It was just a piece of land they purposely left alone so nature could do its thing. Right from the start they reminded me I had forgotten to bring something... my rain boots.


No problem taking a picture of these sheep, but then...


Rain boot path! Looked very interesting, but a no go when wearing sued shoes. Next time.

Here are some images I took while walking the area.
(slide ---> to see them all)



This is a decent white square.
X0 gaat niet, het kleinste is X1 (1pixel dus)

I just had to use something neutral to test whether or not image names made a difference.

And now I had to change it coz people think testing is an abuse of the system.
It will allow you to get rewards for posts with no value.
And looking at the huge amounts of rewards I receive, I understand.

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