Important points you must inform to your employee before shifting your office

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Planning to relocate your office? Worried about shifting and informing your employees about it? It is true that employees can resist the change can you must be ready for it. For this reason, it is highly crucial to keep your employees well informed in prior about the relocation. Remember, your employees are your strength so; there is no space for compromises and any type of communication gap.

This article talks about some great tips that must be kept in mind in order to prepare your employees for smooth office relocation-

Tips to prepare employees for office relocation:

  1. A moving calendar- The foremost step is to create a moving calendar for all your employees. The calendar will help the staff in gaining complete details about the timeline for the relocation. You must list down the key milestones that are to be achieved in that period of time. This way, your employees will get ready for the relocation day and the relocation will be stress-free & organized.

  2. Perfect communication- Proper communication is highly important when you are shifting your office to a new location. In fact, you can build up a team to spread the news of relocation and to convey every detail to every employee. You can also set up a meeting giving an opportunity to the employees to ask questions about relocation. Make sure to handle all queries with patience. Team briefings, one-to-one meetings, staff newsletters and notice boards can greatly help in making the employees aware of the relocation.

  3. Involving staff- You must involve your staff in the entire relocation process. You must take ideas and suggestions from your employees about the new office design. It is important to get the feedback of the staff about the existing office design and the changes they would like to have in the new location. This will make them feel valued and will encourage them. Do not forget to take ideas about making your new reception more captivating in order to attract more customers.

  4. Schedule field trips- It is very important that your staff takes a tour of a new location before actually shifting over there. You can take small groups to your new location and give them a treat at any local establishment there. Let them ask questions and be open with the reviews. This will help the staff in settling down to the new location easily.

  5. Pay attention- You need to make sure that the new location is settled enough to let the employees work. Before those huge boxes and cartons arrive, make sure the space is ready for your employees. Network cables, power supplies and light fixtures are some of the tasks that are to be done before the staff arrives.

Besides these, make sure that you keep good contact with the Packers and Movers ( and be clear about the dates of the move. Therefore, once you have followed all the above-mentioned tips, you are sure to make hassle-free office relocation.