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Many people in Europe 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇺🇦 and other places around the world will be without heat and electricity this winter.

It’s going to rough.

How will they survive ?

They will need lots of heavy wool blankets, lots of Firewood, Solar Power and the ability to gather food from the plentiful earth around them.

In winter that’s mostly Ice fishing and rabbits.


Wool Blankets :

The cost of fuel and electricity is high so we have been chopping wood all summer. There are plenty of fallen trees from the recent storms.

But we still need more wood…


We use these Solar Powered light bulbs. We have been using them for over 10 years now. They charge quickly in the full sun, or even on a cloudy day … and they last for hours.



You can buy small Heaters and other appliances that run on 12 Volt Battery / DC Solar Power.



I run my devices on the Jackery 240. If you have larger appliances you will need a bigger Solar Charger. Probably the Jackery 1500

Jackery 240 :
Jackery 1500 :


I run my Jackery on this 100 watt Solar panel. It is not cheap but comes with all the required wiring and additional ports to charge my iPad, iphone etc…


100 Watt Jackery Solar :

You can get other 100 Watt Solar panels for a lot less…

I have found I can still generate 11% power on a cloudy rainy day.

If you need more power you can always use a Hand cranking Generator ( dynamo) to keep things going.

I’m thinking I will hook one of these up to my bike in the basement. If it works we could have 4 bikes going and keep the Jackeries powered up to 100% … and gets tons of exercise and FITBIT steps at the same time.



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