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The Opensource JOULESTEEM Circuit – Post #90

Can Anyone Try This Simple Circuit

I got myself busy in the latest JOULESTEEM circuit arrangement for the past two weeks, and to be honest, I think I had reached a point wherein this approach to lighting will have to be opensourced.

Can anybody (individuals, companies, etc etc) try this circuit please?

I believe this circuit can bring much benefit to those needing low-power applications as it exhibits a very unique flow of current (and hence, POWER).

Consider these as the AC current flows:
-Node A equals 270 milliamps
-Node B equals 750 milliamps
-Node C equals 1020 milliamps (the total of Node A and Node B)

I believe the current behaviors say one thing, and that is: for every 1x unit of discharged energy from the source, 2x units of “captured energy” is produced from the atmosphere, both of which can be used to charge the charge battery and power the circuit.

To be more precise, Node A is the current from the power source, Node B is the current from the Cap which happens to be filled up by “an atmospheric energy” while the circuit is running. Node C of course is the total of the two nodes going into the charge battery and the circuit.

To those knowledgeable in the craft, I need your effort to confirm this phenomenon, please, as this may save many people especially in regions where snow is unending.

Help From Anyone The Opensource Way

Also, in this post I encourage those who are able to help to try such circuit, see for yourself what it does. For those who can donate thru bitcoin or STEEM, I need the following to put this circuit to a higher level:

-Lithium Ion batteries
-Variable Power Supply (up to 70 volts DC)

I believe lithium ion batteries can run this circuit at the smallest possible footprint, I also believe supercapacitors in place of the ordinary electrolytic cap will render the source battery as “useless” once the circuit is running, exactly like a flywheel. Lastly, I believe that the higher the voltage source, the more atmospheric energy can be harvested in this arrangment of the JOULESTEEM circuit.

But I need the help of everybody, as far as this message can reach, to be able to verify my assumptions.

Any development will be posted in this blog for everyone to benefit on.

God bless.

“Let There Be Light; And There Was Light……...”

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Hi M,
I just purchased you ebook and hardcover.
Will also help you with a donation.

Kind regards,

Thank you so much for your support. Please spred the good news to your circle of friends. Help save this world my friend.

I don't see where the oscillation is generated by that circuit.

Appreciate your reply. I have the same question as yours when I started this approach. Why don't you try it yourself my friend, I'm sure you can see something that you do not see now.