Second timber rafter going up into place. Video.

in offgrid •  8 months ago

Decided to use the ole YouTube, DTube just wasn't going to let me upload. 😒

Jay, Dallas and I got the second timber rafter up, the first rafter was a lot of up and down, adjusting our cables and ties for it to go up nicely into place.
The only place I was able to get a decent full view video was to set my phone on the shower, so there are a few branches in the way but you are still able to see what is going on.

The quads winch cable goes through a snatch block attached to the bottom of the scaffolding, up through another snatch block attached to the top of the scaffolding, then down to the chains that are wrapped around the timber rafter and temporary brace to winch it up to be put into place.


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Making progress!

So cool... yep, progress in deed!