Cabin Trip/Build Update. Long post with great pictures!

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Jay and I have been at the cabin for just over a week working to get the frame raised. Well, we didn't get the entire frame raised this trip, we had one rafter and 6 purlins left to get up but ran out of days to finish. Oh well, there is always next trip out, lol.
This is just before we headed off home

Quads are all packed, ready to head to the cabin.

We found a new trail! It will cut off the dusty old logging road and the first swampy spot, its such a beautiful ride!

Did a bit of fishing the first night.😘

Amazing sunset view from the boat!

The second day, we got our camp set up and got work. Jay milled up a big timber for the tie beams.

The timber mart pail was collecting some nice fine sawdust for my composting toilet (shitter pails).

We moved the tie beams to the cabin floor where Jay made the measurements and cuts.
I didn't get pictures. I will make a GIF in the near future though of the trail cam photos, there are literally thousands! 😆

Just about a full moon, nice and bright out!

Third day.
Oh just some random massive boulder in the lake, it really has no rhyme or reason.


Jay making the mortise cuts for the tie beams to sit.


While Jay was doing that I put together a temporary shower with some extra pallets we had.


The rain is coming in..

It rained most of the fourth day so we hung out in the tent played some crib and watched a few episodes of Last Man Standing.

The fifth day Jay and I spent a lot of the day fitting the braces into the tie beams, leg posts, drilling the peg holes and making a few more pegs.


Dallas showed up in the afternoon to come help out on his 4days off of work (he is working 16hr days as a flagger on the highways this summer, 10on/4off).
We had a relaxing evening fishing!

While we were gone/just showing up back on shore we had some visitors..
A mama and two cubs!



They ate the chicken broth I had on the firepit and stole a closed half-bag of garbage! The bears weren't in a hurry to leave so Dallas fired off two shots, they quickly left. Jay went and recovered the stolen bag of garbage.


The sixth day Jay made the mortise cuts for the support braces on the other side of the cabin.

We fit them together and marked out where the peg holes will need to be drilled.

Drilling peg holes.

Went out in the boat to catch the last of the sunset.



The seventh day Jay did some touch-ups, Dallas hammered the pegs in one side and when it was ready to lift I came to help.
One side up and braced.

Hammering pegs.

We got the other side up and braced too.

The bottom of the rafter going up, we didn't think we'd get it up in the full triangle.

Dallas hammering in the pegs on the second one.


Jay making hammering in pegs extra sexy!😉 😘

All three rafter bottoms are on! Great days work

Day eight, Dallas and Jay getting the scaffolding together for putting up the rafters and purlins.

The first rafter is up and temporarily braced. It took a lot of going up then down and adjusting before we were able to get it up smoothly.

The second rafter up. This one I took a whole video of us getting it up and wrote an explanation of how we were able to winch it all up and into place but DTube was being a bit cunty, so I couldn't get it posted. Keep an eye out though, I will get it posted!!

Day nine, that last day here. Jay and Dallas got up 6 purlins up while I packed up camp.




On our quad ride to the truck, Dallas wanted to piss around in the muskeg on his quad, lol.



I also have videos of Dallas rippin' muskeg to post, keep an eye out!

Seen a moose on our drive home.


Well, that's it for that trip to the cabin, next time we get out there we should have it pretty much done, minus a few windows we didn't get out in winter but we will have them framed out.
Jay is on the highway back to work today, he is working a few extra days this time around.


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This is a real dream of mine - to buy some barely accessible land and build a totally off-grid, sustainable living quarters with little to no debt.

Wow! Looks like you've found a place that's not only "off grid" but truly AWAY from any signs of the grid. Cool to see your progression there!


Thanks! It is an absolutely amazing lot and lake! :)
We are 15kms from one main highway (summer trail) and 12km from another main highway (winter road).

Wow that is a cool project. I have done some constructions like that for other people but would love to do it for my self. Looks like and amazing spot too.


Thanks, this is our first time doing a project like this! ;)
It is a very amazing spot, 240 degree+ views as it sits on a point on the lake and the best fishing is 99ft away right out in front along the point. My son caught his biggest jackfish/pike (46 1/2inches) right there just casting off shore! Thanks for stopping by! :)