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Hi, my name is Chris!  I've just started this channel and have a lot to learn.... and hoping you like the content I put up.  My goal is to document my journey of building my homestead and off grid cabin.  I purchased 12 acres in March of 2015 and began working on the property as often as possible. This happens mostly on weekends since I still work full time.  The major push for me is to downsize my lifestyle to a minimal needs based life and leave the stress of the city and mortgage payments behind!  I've most taken photos of my property and projects that I've worked on over the last two years.  After watching many channels on YouTube for help with these projects such as solar, cabin builds, RV living, etc... I decided to start documenting everything (as often as possible) and begin posting videos online.  I've made a lot of mistakes along the way, and learned a lot in the process.

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Welcome to steemit Chris!
There are some great homesteaders here on steemit that belong to an online community and we're always making connections with new steemit homesteaders.

Looking forward to more posts from you

Welcome to Steemit! I am also building my homestead and it takes some time. I try to share mistakes so others do not make the same ones I did. Good Luck!

Welcome to steemit!
You can use the tag "homesteading" as the first tag on any of your posts that have to do with your homestead efforts. That should help your posts get noticed more by the homesteading community here on the steemit platform. The tag homesteading seems to work better than the tag homestead, and the same for prepping instead of preppers. I think it's mostly a matter of the words people use when they do a search for posts with a certain tag.