More Tree's Down LOTS More Sun For ME!!

in off-grid •  7 months ago

I had the Power Co_op remove some trees that where close and on the lines. This I hope helps stop are power going out so much. In 2017 my power was out 68 days. We can run off grid and we do run off grid about 90% of the house in the winter. The summer we can run about 80% of are power needs off grid. AC is a killer for us and here in the south it get hot. I get sick if I get over heated. So staying cool is a MUST!

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Where is this?


I am out side of Charleston South Carolina.

I told them not to use chemicals. They still did it anyway.


I now have sun on my solar panels. After 3.30pm at the latest, my solar panels used to be totally shaded out. Now, BAM! Beautiful.

Congrats @solarparadise!

So in summary you have:

  • An afternoon array (4x120Wp)
  • A mid-day array (8x120Wp)
  • Front row array (6x120Wp)

What is your usage like? How old is your set up?