Task #13: TradeIO Launched Fiat Deposits

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Task Details And Guidelines

Go to https://login.oracle-d.com/ and look for the task details in "Trade IO Launched Fiat Deposits! [Twitter Engagement]" task as shown in below image:


Task Entries

  • Submit your entries and/or "Proof of work" as a single comment under this post. Kindly do not spam the comment section.
  • A single person can have maximum 1 entry i.e only one comment.

Im honored to be the first person to complete this task. Below is a link to my retweet plus comment
twitter engagement.jpg


Here pleased to support them again in another task, here my retweet with a comment 😊

Thank you for your support!!

Your welcome 💖

You can trade using this cool platform @dj123


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Indeed, @Tradeio-official is setting the pace with a BETTER, SMARTER, FASTER CRYPTO EXCHANGE service which now accepts FIAT. Thank you @oracle-d for supporting this vision.

@Evegrace @You34 @Kufray @Imaluv54 @Prettyglo, please join us to spread this news.

Below are my proof of work:

My Reply to TradeIO's tweet

My Tweet link and snapshot

My Retweet link and snapshot

Thank you so much for your support Uyobong, it means a lot to us!

Hi - thanks for another useful task.

Link to my tweet/ retweet - https://twitter.com/realsociology/status/1133809675441459200

And a screenshot

Screenshot 20190529 at 19.58.52.png

And a screenshot of my reply

Screenshot 20190529 at 19.59.27.png

They maybe the wrong way around!

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