How to install Odoo on Linux Ubuntu 16,04

in #odoo6 years ago (edited)

Odoo is the largest open source ERP System. It is entirely free if you know how to run it:) This is a simple tutorial on how to install Odoo on Linux, not only 16,04;)

  1. Log in to your system and work as a superuser:
    sudo su
  2. Update the system
    apt-get update
  3. Download the script. You can change to the version of your choice:
  4. Run the script:
  5. Now you can access Odoo:
    If you are running it locally that would be:

The next steps would be to configure the Apache/Nginx or another server to point a domain to the Odoo instance. Also, remember to set the proper access rules on your server (for example on Amazon that would be by opening the port 80 and 8069 in the security rules). It is also wise to change the default password in Odoo config from "admin" to something more secure.
If you used the script without editing your Odoo config file would be installed in /etc/odoo-serfer.config. Use nano, vi or another editor to change the default settings.

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