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# ODesk - income from freelancing
One of the most popular sites in the freelancing site is oDesk. Many Bangladeshi freelancers working on this site successfully earn enough money. This is the biggest plus point of this freelancing site - there is a lot of work available and there is no problem in the withdrawal of money.This site is a highly functional freelancing site for freelancers, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, India. This freelancing site is a good and medium of income from the Internet. It is possible to earn a lot of money from this web site if you know some work.
### Some useful tips to succeed in Odesk:

  1. 100% complete after opening the account in Odesk.

  2. Provide a good portfolio of things you would like to work with Odesk. Giving at least 10 portfolios.

  3. Creating a beautiful and informative profile is objective, so that Buyer is interested in working for you as your profile is non-productive. 4. Give as much as possible the Skill Test. Keep in mind that scores are up to 4.00 in skill tests.

  4. As you face skill test, you will get better results, the buyer will think you are efficient and appropriate for his work.

  5. To get job or job work, submit skills and experience, strong and informative cover letter, so that the cover letter is appropriate for the job you buy.

  6. Regular updates should be in Odesk, Email and Skype. Because the buyer can hire any message, interview or work at any time. You need to try to know as much as possible and answer the situation. 8. Apply for work (according to Bangladeshi time) at night. Most of the time we make this mistake. When the buyer sleeps we apply for work, and when the buyer is sitting to work for everyone we sleep.

  7. Many times many buyers do not want to work. Because they think about the quality of work. Follow the tips up to 1-7 numbers above the new ones and apply them at a slightly lower rate according to the job quality. If you have more feedback, experience and working hours then apply at normal rate.
    ### Method of opening an account in Odesk:

If Odesk is not opened in the right way, then all the hard work fails to make money. If you try to open a new account, and if it is found on the Odesk admin, then you can close all of your accounts without any notice for opening multiple accounts.
So, try to open an account in the right way with you. To work with Odesk, you will first need an email account then ODesk, MoneyBookers and Skype account. The procedure to open an account in Odesk is as follows:

Step-1: To open your account in Odesk, go to wwwo.odesk.com's Mine site first. Or click on the odesk editor.
Step-2: When the Odesk website opens, click on the Sign Up link on the top right.
Step-3: Choose what you want to do in Odesk, select it here. If you want to make an account as a Job Provider, click on the Sign Up link below the I need a contractor. If you want to register as a worker, click on the Sign Up area below the I need a job. Since you work as an employee, ie Independent Contractor on this website, please select number 2 option.

Step-4: Fill out the form that will be filled correctly, click on Get Started.
Step-5: Finally, if you verify your email by going to your email account, the account will be created and it can be used after verification.

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