Ode to My Favorite T-Shirt

in odechallenge •  2 years ago  (edited)

I like peppers, so my wife got me this shirt
If they're way too hot, you actually might squ...er...hurt
You may move rapido, or slower like a zephyr
Unless you're hardcore like @papa-pepper
You might scream, try anything and everything
the next day even sitting, on some ice cream
Getting great comments on the shirt, really makes me smile
Munchin' on mild ones driving mile after mile

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Awesome! Resteemed.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you @girlbeforemirror,

HEhehe I always enjoy your pieces, wether they are sang or written. I was beginning to ask myself where were you so I decided to come here and check for myself and I am glad I did. Made me laugh a bit this one :D

Sending regards my friend, keep munchin those peppers!

Thank you for stopping by my friend. While you were chasing crocodiles I have been busy with other projects and unable to spend as much time on steemit as I like.
My wife was called to help at the handicap camp since the kitchen crew was failing and she was needed to be in control and make the 300 meals a day flow smoothly from the kitchen. For her it is easy peasy as she is in her element and makes the process really smooth. Meanwhile back at the ranch I'm covering all the chores. It's all good!