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I had some available BTC from daily trading and I decided to invest in OCN when it was $0.02 ( after reading that they have a partnership with Amazon web services, IBM, Obike, Tron...I was sold)LOL. Yesterday it was intense, I 3 x my money with OCN, I sold when it was around $0.06 ( I only sold part of it to take my initial investment. I was on Facebook with a bunch of people wanting to know if they should invest and when to sell. It was an intense night.lol
I don't think $0.05 is a bad price for this coin, I'm going to wait and see if it will dip down more. However, I want more of it. Before investing read their whitepaper, check their team and mission.

About Odyssey
Core Values
Advisory Team
Tech Team
Media & Partnerships
The Future of Decentralized Sharing Economy
The Foundation of Global Peer to Peer Ecosystem
Connect Everything, Share Everything, Credit-based Protocol

About Odyssey
ODYSSEY’s mission is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & Peer to Peer Ecosystem. ODYSSEY aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product & service providers in the Global sharing economy & peer to peer ecosystem.
Using blockchain smart contract as well as AI and Big Data, ODYSSEY will empower the ecosystem with below revolution:
One Credit/Trust-Based Protocol for all ODYSSEY ecosystem players:
Decentralized and Minimum Operating Cost
Open Source and Scalable
Trustworthy and Anonymous
Autonomous and Better Compliance
Incentivized Participation
Peer to Peer Ecosystem Community:
Decentralized and Minimum Transaction Cost
Easier Monetization
Better Distribution and Matching
Quicker Transactions without payment barriers
Core values
We want to build a faithful sharing economy system where:
Everything can be shared, everything can be connected. Sharing is the new ownership.
Everyone should have the full ownership of the data they possess and create. Data must be freely owned, and will not be used to exchange for the right to participate sharing economy system.
Freedom to share, free to share. Everyone contribute to the ODYSSEY sharing economy will be entitled to proportional profits for their contribution, according to ODYSSEY’s rewarding mechanism.
Credit is priceless and Credit should be rewarded, according to ODYSSEY’s credit protocol mechanism.
Sharing Economy should be non-monopoly and unbiased for everyone.
Sharing Economy should be autonomous.

The ODYSSEY PROTOCOL FOUNDATION LIMITED is set up with the approval of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and under supervision and regulation of the Company Law of Singapore. It is run by the Board of Trustees or the Board of Governors formed by eligible trustees for independent management and operation, which is also independent from the government's administration.
Singapore is renowned for its stable and well-established laws and financial environment. As a nonprofit entity established in Singapore, the ODYSSEY PROTOCOL FOUNDATION LIMITED, subject to the laws of Singapore, is a legal entity having no commercial interest that supports and engages in activities for public or private benefits. The “profits” obtained by the Foundation are deemed surplus and will be retained for the organization and implementation of other activities and events. Members of the Foundation will never partake any distribution of profits.

English White Paper Download
Advisory Team

Mr. Yi Shi
Chief Advisor

Mr. Justin Sun
Chief Advisor

Mr. Goh Jian Kai (Jake)

Mr. Teow Teck Toe (Danny)

Mr. Aaron Tan

Mr. Samuel Chan

Mr. Yinglan Tan

Mr. Tim Phang

Mr. Chandler Guo

Mr. Lijie Wang

Mr. Le Xu
Tech Team

Ranran Liu

Minxu Liu

Xianlong Shao

Hengfei Zhou, Gaven

Biao Yan, Bobby

Hou Tingkai (Tank)

Liu Huan (Conster)

Lu Xiaochen (Tommy)

Wei Hu (Winnie)

Good luck!

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