Trying it out Cuttly!

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Cuttly is a free URL shortner website, but it does so much more. You can shorten all kinds of url and keep track of their performance. To try it out, I did place a shortened URL and and will place the same URL here. This way I can see if it really does track those URLs differently.

They do have a free subscription plan. You can find all information about it here:

I decided to go for a ref link to: My favorite BTC faucet.
It is simple. After creating a login, you can roll the dice for free once a hour and can win up to $200 in BTC, most of the time you will get 5 sats.
But the money in within their daily email. Read this email or at least scroll to the bottom, there you will find a free spin at their wheel of fortune. You can win prizes, raging from lottery tickets to a rolex worth $15K.

Also if you do collect 100000 rewards points, you can convert them into 0.001 BTC. As you could imagine this will take some time.
At the moment I am 5% far. I do have around 5K reward points.

But my ultimate goal is to reach 30K sats before the month is over. For that moment on they will pay you interest on the BTC in your wallet there. Of course you can take a short cut and just deposit 30K sats, easier and faster.
But no challenge!

So if you don't have an account on, feel free to test my shorted url.