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Bangkok Massage Spa Divana Nature Discount Tips + Reviews

A place where everything is satisfactory


I'm Eunah who came back after 10 days in Bangkok.

I was thinking about cleaning up the Bangkok massage spa.

First of all, today I will take out my favorite Sukhumvit Divana Nurture photo

How to get a discount of 10,000 to 10,000 won per person by booking in advance

I will organize the facilities, program types, and prices.

I'm in a hurry to make a video of the 2019 Thailand Travel Review.

엊I uploaded one too

Please refer to those who are worried about the hotel

The newly opened Sukhumvit Hyatt stay in the second half of last year was also included :)


Among the many massage shops in Bangkok

DIVANA is so popular and popular

Each branch has a slightly different atmosphere and interior.

I prefer Sukhumvit or Silom store with good accessibility and pretty buildings and gardens.

(I will post Silom store soon!)

If you go to Thailand, massage is a must to say

We have a wide range of choices from inexpensive homes spread out on the streets to luxury hotel spas.

You can choose according to your budget and taste.

In my case, the entire itinerary

I take a massage every day

I receive most of them in an inexpensive shop that costs around 30,000 won for 2 hours

I'm looking for a spa with good facilities, about once or twice in the itinerary

The hotel will be the best in terms of atmosphere or facilities, but the price is burdensome.

I'm going to shops that use cheaper and better products

Among them, the place that I love is here, Divana!


I like the location in Sukhumvit

If you make a reservation in advance, you can also get a free pick-up from BTS Nana Station or Terminal 21.

I'm lazy, so even if I get stuck, I always go by taxi

(Thailand taxis are very cheap.

Even if I get stuck, I don’t get much money

It’s scary to eat time.

Still, if you give up and empty your mind, it's very convenient to take a taxi to the destination right in front of you)




Ah so pretty appearance

Flowers bloom from the entrance of the entrance door

It has a good sensibility

The yard is a very large private building.



Green Green Green

Healing Place in the heart of the city!

Locals also took a lot of authentication shots here.

Koreans and Japanese too


If you go according to the reservation time

First, I'm guided by the fluffy sofa.

Try using oils and products yourself, smell and choose

The staff meticulously explains

Bangkok Massage Spa Divana Nurture

I'll give you a tip to make a cheap reservation.

I usually purchase the voucher in advance about a day or two the day before

I make a reservation by phone and visit.

After paying at Klook, simply show the voucher on the smartphone screen

It's very easy to get a discount of 10,000 won or more per person.

If the voucher cannot be used due to a change of schedule, it will be refunded.

Be sure to cut this real thing!!

When purchasing a voucher, there are so many programs to choose from

I think I was mostly aroma massaged in DIVANA

You can choose between 90 minutes and 120 minutes

64600 won in 90 minutes

If the voucher is cut off, the discount is over 10,000 won compared to the list price! Dog gain

When I was young, I bend and stretch

I liked the hard dry massage

I liked it softer because it was older.

It's still good to be strong

Oiling and pressing is much more comfortable... ^^


Now, let’s start the time of healing.

For a towel and tea

Cool down from sweat


I took all three oil scents and chose the one I liked the most.



And I was guided to the room

I was alone, but it's a two bed room.

Private space for the next two hours

If the room here actually looks, the atmosphere is much better

I don't know why the picture came out like this


Disposable panties on the bed

I have a gown

Remove all underwear and change into disposable

You can wear a gown on top


There is also a couple of baths in one corner.

This time, it was very tasty, but I did not use the requirements


There are toilets and showers inside.

If you don't like sticking oil after finishing

You can come out in the shower



The two hour program I received

Start by washing your feet in the hot water of rose petals.

Then I moved to the bed and got the oil.



It was a happy time

Reservations are made during the nuclear hot hours from 12 PM to 4 PM

Between the morning and afternoon schedule

I think it would be great if I had two hours of rest.

It's too tiring to go sightseeing from morning to evening.

And the Bangkok Massage Spa Divana Nurture

Greenery and gardens are so pretty spaces

Some people want to recommend visiting during the day rather than at night.

It's the strongest space on a bright day!



Sweet pineapple banana

Sipping hot tea

I finished two hours like honey



Indeed, Divana Spa products are famous and have good quality.

Take the scent and test it


As I came out, I took a few more shots in my heart



Even if I see you again, it’s so pretty


This is why Bangkok is the best

Where you want to live most

Bangkok Massage Spa Divana Nature, where everything was satisfactory, reviews and discount tips!

Then have a nice Thailand trip :)

  • Oh, and in the second half of 2019, we pressed hot cafe restaurants, new shopping malls, and rooftop bar information.

I'm making a new version of the Bangkok travel information video

I will come back soon with good information.

The holiday is over and it's very hard from the heart, but let's endure it ♥

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