Facts about deadly anti-CoVid-19 POLITICAL and MONETARY crisis

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We are afraid that 1 million new virus infections will lead to 30 deaths a day in the next 100 days. But we are not aware that 20, 30, 40 or 100 patients who are positive for common coronaviruses ALREADY die every day.

Government anti-CoVid-19 measures are grotesque, absurd, and very dangerous.

The life expectancy of millions of people is shortening as a result. The terrible impact on the world economy threatens the existence of an infinite number of people. The impact on nursing is huge. Already, services to patients in need are declining, operations are being canceled, surgeries are empty, and hospital staff are shrinking. This will have a profound impact on our entire society. All these actions lead to self-destruction and collective suicide based on nothing but fear.

At the moment, scientists are just floating in the mainstream and want their own piece of pie. And what we miss, is a rational view of things. Questions such as “how did you find this virus to be so dangerous?”, “What was this virus like before?”, “Didn't we have the same thing last year?”, “Is this anything new? ". These questions are missing.

Check the "EuroMomo" statistics for mortality rate (real one), and you will see, it is even lower this winter than usual.


There is nothing new about "new" corona virus. EVERY YEAR we have new corona virus. Death rates are all as usual. Even a little less, specially less than in 2017 when deaths because of influenza were doubled.

So, if there wasn't a new corona test, nobody would actually recognize it. Life would go on as usual.

I recommend you to take 45 minutes of your time and watch deep research, a German journalist made:

In Hubei, the Hubei province with the highest incidence of infections so far, the actual number of confirmed cases is in 1 of 1000 people and the true death rate is confirmed in 1 in 20,000.00. So maybe this will help put things in perspective.

It is pretty obvious, that big media families are trying to use the situation for expanding their information monopoly. Well, we are facing political crisis, not a medical one.


when politics and medicine mix, we all will suffer.

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