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Lets be honest, lockdown has been fun during the initial few days. That's because of the fact that it gave you time to do whatever the hell you want and whenever you want which was not at all possible earlier with the work schedules.

I enjoyed it as it gave me enough time to complete reading close to 10+ books and also watch shit tons of documentaries and audiobooks. Yeah, I've been just trying to learn and learn and I think last week I ended up filling myself upto the brim.


Yes, last week I finally ended up getting frustrated after exactly 2 months of being locked down in my room and restricted to my bed. That's another story for sometime else- the reason for being stuck in bed part.

So, what did I do to get rid of my frustration?

I ended up creating a schedule for myself and thought following it would give me a routine but boy was I wrong.

Like always, schedules are never meant to be followed right?

Yup, it ended up being a complete fail.

If you're interested to know what schedule I had created, it's in the below image:


So, I thought enough of consuming, and let me start producing. I thought I would start writing one article on hive per day, learn the guitar and start playing some good tunes, do an online course in digital marketing, do some light workouts and some more things that I have listed in the image above.

And as the tick on the image suggests, it ended up being a complete fail.

I came to a conclusion that schedules are not for human beings... maybe I'm right. What are your thoughts on this?

And then today again when I was utter bored after finishing a documentary on YouTube, I thought I'll try my hands on some sketching.

I took to pencil and paper literally after ages.

Then the next question was what should I draw?
There was the guitar kept right in front of where I had been sitting so I thought why not.

This is what I came up with:





This took me a few minutes.... maybe around 20-25 minutes to draw. I realised that I still hadn't lost the touch with pencils.

Maybe with a bit of practice I could do better drawings.

I believe every human is an artist. We all can cultivate music, sketching or any other art form if we only put a little bit of time and effort. Yes, you could too.

What do you think about the sketch?

I'll resume practicing the guitar tomorrow onwards or maybe do a few minutes of practice before sleeping today.

If you're interested in what documentary I watched today, I'll be sharing the youtube link below.

The documentary gives us yet another reason why we humans are the REAL VIRUSES on this planet and why we deserve to be wiped out.

It is an eye opening film that needs to be shared as much as possible.

I really hope you watch it till the end. If there's nothing useful you found in my post, I hope this film would atleast change your perspective and would be a small step in changing the world for better.

Maybe we can change all the things that we have been doing wrong until now if every human starts realizing the truth.

Thanks for reading till the end. :)

Peace out!

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