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There were many pigeons in the neighbourhood. Residents fed them, and the numbers increased until they were a nuisance. There were droppings everywhere. It was dirty and unsightly. I think some residents must have complained to the town council. Now it is an offence to feed the pigeons. If you were caught feeding the pigeons, you would be fined. I think the penalty is $1,000 for first offence.

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Now, although there are still a few pigeons around, it is a vast improvement from before.

8 m 1.jpg
This is a mynah. There are quite a few around. They can make a racket, loud and noisy.


This is a common bird in the area. I don't know what they are. They look like a cross between a pigeon and a dove. It's probably a cousin or distant cousin of both. They are all right. They go about their business. They don’t flock together, and they are not loud and noisy. They tend to stay in the wild and not come too near to the flats.


Some people like to rear them in cages.

This looks like a sparrow.

A heron. Quite a few of them waiting, fishing along the canal.

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Those Myna birds are great sir Vincent. You should catch one and teach it to talk. Maybe you could finally have someone to have a conversation with. I like those herons too, we have a couple of those that hang out at our ponds. One of them is like 4ft tall and real geeky looking and walking.

Where is the kick in having a conservation with something you taught how to talk? lol

I don't know. I would use mine to entertain my friends but I don't have any. So you could use one for that being that you are Mr. Socialite. lol.

Just because a talking bird kept you entertained doesn't mean that everyone likes to be entertained by a bird. lol

I think if someone doesn't like being entertained by a bird they just need more beer!

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