New education policy in India!

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Little belief I had in education system so far I still can't make use of so many things which were taught, many of my pals owe this perspective too.
I was so fond of the gurukul system in India before the Britishers invaded and destroyed it entirely. Okay, I wasn't alive by then but I learnt a lot about it though.
Anyways, let's get into the main reason why this subject is getting limelight here. actually a few days ago a new education policy was introduced here in India.

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Instead of writing points on it, its better to depict it through picture. the best thing I found is flexibility on the choice of subjects and strangely kids can give exams twice that too of boards 10 th and 12 th standard.

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Another aspect is digital window in education system is now huge as modern architecture styles. there are lot of opportunities which will come with it and also the disadvantages of such an open source as well.
what are your thoughts on education system in your country?

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The new system look quite similar to the USA system that as far as I know has been in place for a very long time.

Indeed it does.

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