What has this to do with double standards? Tipu is a tool to support people, used by guys like @balte and not an abused upvotebot like buildawhale etc.

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Just read the name TIPU it's not an upvote bot, but a tool/bot you can use to support authors if your own upvote isn't that high. What has balte to do with it? Well he uses the bot/tool pretty often to support other people by giving them 2$ upvotes (or so) and through him I "discovered" this bot.

You came here telling me what Steem is not there for while acting even more the way you claim to be wrong for whatever reason.

How? Did I use upvote bots on one of my last posts?

Tipu maybe was used as an upvote bot by some people but the intention was never to be an upvote bot in the means of booster, upmewhale etc. I didn't even talk about the changes that happened recently.

Our account was downvoted for receiving exactly the upvotes you are talking about.

There's a big difference between buying yourself big upvotes and supporting other people with small upvotes.

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