OTP presents "Love Life", Sammy "ZebZ" Zebby

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Have been a musician since childhood, in a band and on stage since I was 18 (1994)...

Had my first studio experience in 1999 supporting a CD-production and CD's was something back in 1999 :-)

In this series I will share all 53 songs, one each day, which are now available on all digital outlets worldwide, representing our work - the work of a group of a handful of artists, gathered together through the works of Dr. Vernon Garrington.

Today I start with our youngster, so to say the second generation, as he was born in our community and not as we 1. generation people coming from different national, social and economical backgrounds... He makes us very proud :-)

So give an ear and enjoy the life you live...

Sammy "ZebZ" Zebby - "Love Life"

You can find all our music on all digital platforms worldwide.

Here's a link to our whole Playlist (currently 53 songs) on spotify:

(listen for free !)

Stay tuned :-)


That is nice join us at #steemschools

Thanks for invitation, I surely will have and already had a (honestly brief) look at it because my time is quiet limited... But I see that #steemschools seems to be a very interessting thing and I will have a look from time to time...

Give me some time and feel free to remind me again, if I should forget...