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Unfortunately Steemit is in worse shape right now than before HF21, there are a lot of less quality posts so the great curation rewards are made off of voting for shit posts, bid bots are alive and well, as I said before just look at what @freedom makes every day from his delegations to them, so all this high fives and back pattings are just people knowing its crap but still trying to kid themselves. In the mean time more and more people who are decent writers are leaving.


Absolutely not true... I for one hunt down the good stuff, resteem it and then it gets seen. I can show you many examples of this.

And how many can you do this with? Not many in a day, there just isn't quality content, of course you can follow the denial path and say everything is rosy, this won't change reality.

there just isn't quality content

I do struggle to find it, that is true. What I find puzzling is that just isn't that hard to do it.

I find that puzzling, you struggle to find it yet it isn't that hard?

Now which is the case, are quality content creators leaving in drovers because of EIP or is it the case that there aren't many to begin with? It can't be both. I'm doing my best to find, upvote and resteem quality posts as anyone reading my profile can attest to. You, on the other hand promised to get back to me and point out good content to me when I asked you to do so a few weeks ago. You still haven't done so.

Could it be there isn't much good content? A lot of the better authors have left, mainly because they are making a lot less, could it be because of circle jerking? If you can't find good content, what makes you think I can? The same content is out there, most of it stinks, the only content getting any votes is the newsteem, downvotes are great type of content. And that isn't good content.

I haven't complained about a lack of good content. In fact, I have observed many great content creators see a tenfold increase in their rewards. For example, @boddhisattva has started to get rewards worth several dollars or sometimes even more than $10 in rewards for his photography posts. To my joy, the rewards of @digitalis have jumped from tens of cents to dollars, often at or close to $10. Both are pretty good photographers, @digitalis in particular, whose insect macros should've been rewarded at a much higher level than they were prior to #newsteem. Then there's the illustrious @paulmp, a very skillful professional landscape photographer who used to make a couple of dollars per post before HF21 and who now regularly makes double digit bucks. His most highly rewarded post made something like $60. At last, PoB is working!

I don't believe you, at least not without any kind of proof, that there has been an exodus of quality content creators post HF21 and because of HF21. What I've seen is many shitposters who have stopped posting altogether because their pending rewards got rightfully downvoted to oblivion.

Well you can of course believe what you will, but I think you just have to look a little beyond your group and you will see things are quite different from what you think they are. I hope you are right and I am wrong, something tells me this is not so though.

Please mention one good author who has seen their rewards go down after HF21 and ¨who has left the platform since.

I don't know, I have no interest in taking inventory, the Alexa rank is down, if you look at the new posts there are less every day, most of the rewards are going to the circle jerk group that has formed, you know, theycallme dan, exyle, acidyo etc. @freedom is still getting a lot of delegation rewards from bid bot delegations etc. You just have to look and you will find. The only authors getting any decent rewards are the ones in the circle jerk, are you there?

No one ever stumbles across a Steem article with a google search. Why? Because no one reads anything at Steem. The votes are coming from the list view or the article is clicked, scrolled down to voting and then the back button is hit. Biggest achievement is someone flying over the text and giving a useless comment in hope to get a small upvote. Any talking about "quality posts" is just dreaming.
The 7 days monetization limit guarantees no one will ever read it again afterwards.

We are looking to support good authors, care to share with us who are these decent writers who are leaving?
Att anomadsoul

Man the only authors who are getting any votes are the same group, over and over and with quite low quality content, I have had weeks of not seeing a post I would consider of great quality so obviously the quality writers are either gone or aren't posting. Just look at what is on trending.

Man the only authors who are getting any votes are the same group

we're a pretty big group then I guess

No more than 200.

Is that what it said?

No, that is about what I count, it's not difficult you just look at who votes who they vote for and it comes out to even less than that.

Have you checked out the trending page?

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