A view at the first matchday of the Euro 2020. And the standings in Fullcoverbetting's EURO 2020 contest!

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All countries did play their first game, so it is time to write a round up about matchday number 1!


Will you can't write about the EURO 2020 to mention what happened during the Denmark game. This was a scary moment. These things do happen unfortunately. Remember these guys are screened from top to bottom, but not everything can be discovered.

The reaction of Kjaer was just superb. Calling his team to stand around Eriksen, so that the medical team could get some privacy. And when he did notice that Eriksen came back to life he rushed to his girlfriend to give her the news. A real captain.

We could give the UEFA a red card for how they did handle this all. Never in my mined I would have proposed to let the game resume an hour later! But money rules the world.
I do understand that this was also a tough decision for them. They probably did write out a scenario for when a game was postponed due to Covid, but for things like this no scenario was written!

How did the favorites do?

Countrypre-tournament OddsAfter R1
France5.54.75 (-.75)
England66.5 (+.5)
Belgium6.56.5 (=)
Germany811 (+3)
Spain8.59.27 (+.72)
Portugal98.62 (-.38)
Italy98 (-1)
The Netherlands1314.5 (+1.5)
Croatia3441.42 (+7.42)
All other countriesAbove 50=

If we take a look at the odds changes, the bookies did loose faith in Germany, Spain and Croatia. The odds change for Germany I do find strange because they weren't so bad. The only problem they had was that they had to face France in their opening game. Both teams did play great, only France had more luck in finishing their chances and was a little bit better than Germany.
Italy did surprise with their constant attacking performance. Even after they took the lead, they did keep in searching for the next goal. Switzerland did the opposite and did pay the price for it against Wales.

Belgium did okay, but the game was too easy to judge if they are inform or not!

Fullcoverbetting's EURO 2020 contest

Well I was a little bit afraid that the success of the world cup contest would repeat it self. 3 years ago I did have more than 180 entries. This time with the same rule and requirements, we are fighting it out with ... euhm .... 4 :(
A little bit disappointed about that. Was the prize pool to low (10 HDB) or is the Hive community just not interested in the Euro 2020. I will never know!

The prize pool is 10 HBD and will be divide like this:

  • first place: 5 HBD
  • second place: 3 HBD
  • third place: 1 HBD
  • fourth place: eternal glory :)

Betting wise!

Well it isn't actually going like a dream. I am the cold zone, but trying to fight my way out of it. Due to 2 human mistakes I am still in the red.
Mistake number 1 was a double bet. I was under the impression that the first bet was unsettled, so I did place it again to notice that suddenly both bets were settled :( Of course I did loose these bets!
The second stupid mistake was that I intended to place 15 euro on France, but forgot to change my default bet, so only 6 euro was placed. Of course this bet was won.

Stats so far:



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