When You Are At Your Worst, You Must Surrender To God..!!

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I know times are hard, and it is getting difficult for you to survive the moment. I know you see a no ray of hope around and are feeling like this is the end of it. I know you are doing your best and yet are experiencing your worst. I know times are against you, and you see every single person doing everything possible to bring you down and ruin your existence on Earth.

I know you are feeling cheated at this particular point in your life though you did only good. I know you feel broken like hell like nothing can bring back together, those broken pieces of your life. I know you feel stuck between what is right, what is wrong, who is right, and who is wrong. I know you think that life would have been better if you knew what right is. I know you are craving for the truth and moving ahead with it even if your journey to life becomes more hard accepting it.

I know life is testing you high and leaving no chance to take the shit out of you. I know you feel misinterpreted by a lot of people and are a victim of constant criticism and judgmental eyes. I know it’s getting hard for you to take rejection on the face, and each time you’re getting it now, you are getting heavy in your knees. I know, I know it’s getting hard for you to survive well with the world turning all awful for you.

I know you need help, a shoulder to lean on, and cry all your worries and helplessness, but aren’t getting any. I know you want to yell it out that you are right and how you’re stuck in the circumstances where you cannot even fight for yourself, where if you’ll say something to prove your point people will doubt your abilities, and if nothing, there are relatives in that case. I know you are stuck where opening your mouth will cause you problems, as well as keeping it shut will do too. I know you are stuck like this, I know!

I know the people whom you thought would be there for you in all the thick and thin are no longer there to support you in your worst. I know you are getting heavy in heart to see the true colors of the people whom you loved from the core of your heart. I know you are failing in heart for losing your past relationships and those regular happy moments you used to spend with your near and dear ones. I know how badly you want to relive the best moments of your life with some of the best people you had or still have but can’t be near to them in these worst times of your life. (due to some, or the other reasons). I know you know that you’ll get back the right ones in your life and be happy with them forever. I know.

I know you are suffering from the karmas you didn’t do intentionally. I know people are hard on you, even if they know you’re right. I know people are making you feel guilty of things even when they know you are correct and are one pure soul on Earth who can never ignore the path of righteousness. I know only you know that you are right. I know you are alone in your struggle and are getting over each day with utmost strength, determination, faith, hope, belief in the power of good karmas, hard work, miracle, and whatnot.

I know I know it all. I know you regret your past mistakes, are learning lessons from them and making sure you don’t repeat them anymore. I know you regret hurting people you have hurt in the past unintentionally. I know you feel sorry for a lot of things and are making sure all of your sins you did accidentally get washed away with this evolution process of yours. I know you are evolving not to be better but the best person ever. I know you are on the path of spiritualism and are working on your inner peace, getting peace with life till life.

I know you don’t want to talk badly of others in any case. I know you don’t want to harm others in any case. I know you don’t even want to think unfairly, and the majority of the people are taking advantage of your this good behavior, and the irony is, for the time being, you can’t even do something to help save you, fix it all, and get it on the right track.
I know you are hell broken, but in one little corner of your heart, you also know that you are a nice person, and life may be testing you but can’t be harsh on you for a long time.

I know you feel unexpectedly ditched by the ones whom you trusted the most, and that thing is hindering your peace of all day and night. I know you are getting strange, uneasy feelings in your mind and heart, and that particular thing is not letting you good sleep in the night. I know you are feeling like never before and want to in the future. I know you are unaware of what you are feeling.

I know you are stuck from where you feel like you can never get out. I know you know that you’ll get out of all this, but the pain for the moment is getting unbearable. I know you are still acting strong and holding on waiting for the best times to come and having, it all sorted.

I know you are one fair person who always does good, never want to ruin anyone’s peace of mind, take advantage of other’s weaknesses, and the one who never interferes in the lives of others, and always want to help others. I know you are all sorted a long time before your life will get sorted. I know I know it all!

I know you are at your hell worst stuck in the situations you had never thought you would face. I know it is, and it will be hard for you to get on with all with this, but I know in the end, you know it will be worth it.

I know you are just lost and not getting anything on how to get over it all, I know. But, just like you did not give up on till now, hold on for a little more time. Just hold on for some more time. And if still, you do not get even a single ray of hope around, surrender to God. Just let be God your only hope to get through it all. Let be God your only hope to gain strength to get up each day and make it to as much as you can. Just pray to God regularly as much as you can and as devotedly as you can. Just believe him, trust him.

And only by doing your work regularly, not giving up, and believing in the power of Almighty, in no time, you see yourself getting the best gifts of life and the miracles happening like never before. Yes, it works. When nothing works, prayers work. And they work so beautifully that from there you feel blessed forever!

So, when nothing goes right, surrender to Almighty. In no time, you get it all. And, from there, you see yourself blessed forever! Yes, from there, you are blessed forever!



Hope You All Enjoyed The Post..

Much Love<3<3<3


But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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