Once upon a time in Jan 2020

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Hi there. It seems I haven't posted anything for ages)))

Together with the rest of the world, we have a lockdown for almost a month now. Today it's snowing outside, that is unusual for the mid April.

I sit at home, reviewing my old photos and remembering the time when we could still spend time with our friends and feel safe. The time when we could take our bikes and ride far away with no risk of caching Corona or being stopped by a police.


One of our winter bycicle trips.

Anomally warm and shiny weather was a good reason for us to come together for a season opening. In January!!!


The nature is going crazy in 2020, that's true.
The winter with no frost and snow looks like a late autumn or an early spring:







This mud made me to hate the v-brakes, when my bike just stucked on the middle of the road, and I had to look for a stick to get rid of the dirt on my wheels:



Luckily, we managed to get to the better road and meet a wonderful sunset between two lakes:



Our route: Sumy-Novoselytsa-Stare-Sumy
Distance: 44.8 km

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Welcome back.

Not sure I'm here for long, Steemit is different now. Will see how it goes.

You missed a lot of stuff that happened here. :) A month ago there was a fork in the chain and now a lot of users are on Hive. Good to see you back!

Thank you. Nice to see that bid-bots gone, but real authors are still here:)))

I've heard about all this buzz and drama caused by Ned and JustinSun. Partially it was the reason why I'm back after long months of silence. At first, to vote vor our community witnesses, and later to claim my Hive account.
I can't say I'm happy with the current situation, but we've got a chance to start a new page with Hive. From now Steemit is not a #1 for me.

Yeah I saw there after I made a comment. :) Good to see community is strong enough to come together and fight for the right cause.

New maps and more to do... we miss you in the adventure world.