Rebuilding a Fractured Community

in #ocdlast year

Mirror mirror on the wall, will Steems price begin to fall?

We've made it! For those of you who have made it this far and are
reading this, you are the true Steemit OG's. The ones who were unwilling
to give up on steem, even if it meant riding it to zero. Finally, after
years of uncertainty and fear of what the ninja mined coins could be
used for, the community has found a solution.

If you want to kill a snake, you must chop it off at it's head.

Steem has just been decapitated and a new era has begun. It feels as
if a mountain has been lifted off our shoulders and we can now pave a
new path of true decentralized social media.

Although we're all super excited about this, we must rebuild our
fractured community, we must not make decisions based on emotions and
instead make decisions based on logic. Lets work together to rebuild
this home and make it the place that we had always envisioned. A place
where people feel free to express there opinions without the fear of
censorship. A place that we can be excited to tell our friends and

It is innovation that has built this amazing place, and it is innovation that will be needed to rebuild it again.