Another Day In Africa

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Honestly it could only happen in Africa when you have no controls in place. The poor being short changed, schools being torched and police arresting their own members.I would like to think they were arrested for the right reasons and not arrested because someone from the press reported it.

Quite shameful really as no one believes it. The Government is helping out the poor by giving them food parcels to the value of R1200.00 which in real money is $70 or there abouts. The problem is that the food parcel is no where near the value and is more like R120.00.


One of the food parcels consisting of next to nothing.

The letter that came with the food parcel from the government.
Someone is making a fortune out of this scam and it will be someone in the government. Pulling a move like this is disgraceful and you would think that others would pick up on this. To rob from the poor by delivering no where near the value suggested.

What would have worked was to give the people vouchers that could be used by a certain date. There is no alcohol or cigarettes on sale so it would have to be spent on food. The only people who would make money out of it would be the retailer and not someone linked within government circles.


You can understand why people are wary of things as nothing is as it should. The government is relying on the majority of people being illiterate and uneducated. This has always been their saving grace and why they remain in power. They don't want to educate the masses as then they may think for themselves.


Nearly 400 schools torched and vandalized yet you have the entire army and police force patrolling during a State of Emergency. The problem is that not all of them are doing what they are supposed to and there is an underlying element that is crooked in the forces.Police are having to arrest other Police officers for doing wrong things.This lot were caught stealing alcohol from a shebeen and drinking on duty. Examples need to be set to deter others but there are just too many crooks in uniform.

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